Friday, February 28, 2014


We picked wedding rings today. We've commissioned a Goldsmith to come up with something different with sapphires and white metal. He came up with several designs for us to choose from.

I slept in a cage last night after being ordered to rim Master. My wrists and ankle were in police cuffs, forcing me to remain kneeling until I figured out how to lower myself to my stomach without banging myself up. Sleeping hogtied in police cuffs is miserable.

We're leaving for a weekend in Seattle. Friends are celebrating their wedding anniversary with a dungeon party. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Coffee, Tea and Me

Bondage and spanking for an hour were on the menu this afternoon. That what I spun on the Wheel of Misfortune for the day. Master tied me over a bench that we use for a coffee table in the TV room. He settled in for a break from his office with a cup of coffee. He watched some old tape of a Rugby match.

He sent me out earlier to pick a bunch of branches from the fields that he tied in a bundle to form a birch. He gagged me with a ball gag on tore into me with the birch during commercial breaks.

My back end was a bloody mess by the time the hour had passed. I wore an adult diaper after the cleaning the would to keep my butt clean and my jeans free from the blood that seeped from the wounds.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Second Trip in the Box

We're a day or two behind on our game schedule but life can't be all play and no work.

I spent 18 hours in The Bondage Box after Master tenderized my ass and upper legs with a flogger.
It made for an interesting feeling when the leather started to dampen with my salty sweat. I was restrained in the box wearing just my birthday suit and a gas mask. A catheter drained away piss.

Large body movement was impossible but I could wiggle my finger and toes.

I think I slept through most of the 18 hours because it seemed to pass quickly and I feel energetic today.

I'm going to be work out od doors today with Butch, Daniel and a Vigneron who is checking the ranch for places to best grow grapes. I'm not totally convinced that I want to do it. At one point, I thought there are too many wineries but I'm reading that the demand is constantly rising. We have an existing cave in which to store wine. We'll see.

The following are pictures that I found on tumbler except the 3rd picture that is from

 This is actually an art installation in a gallery.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Fancy Rope Work

There is a great interest in Japanese style rope work, known as Shibari or Kinbaku. Shibari is Japanese for “bind”. Kinbaku means “bind tightly”. They are considered an art and a discipline. It goes beyond the knowledge of ropes to “kokoro”, knowledge of mind, body and spirit

Kinbaku is the one thing, other than actual punishment, that I fear most because of where in my head the process takes me and the length and intensity that is often associated with the practice.

The process; Master and I went for a walk through the fields and circled the Oak Trees at the top of the mountain. We sat on a fallen tree under the leafless branches of the wintering trees and simply enjoyed being with each other.

Tension built as we walked toward the house. My pre-bondage break was near an end.

I stripped to nothing. Master began building my bindings by wrapping soft hemp rope around my abdomen, coiling it around until my entire mid-section was covered. He kept the coil in place by weaving the rope back through the coil which tightened with each tug until my breathing was constricted. He continued twisting the rope, running it slowly and sensually over my skin. Eventually, I was suspended, ass in the air and my legs spread to expose my anus. My arms were spread apart, each held asymmetrically away from my body. Master gagged me a rope monkey fist and then snapped a pair of Japanese sail maker clamps onto my nipples and another pair on my perinea and my frenum.  Pain from the second pair of clamps built rapidly while the nipple clamps were sensuous. The coils of rope tightened as I struggled.

Master eventually removed the clamps and pushed me sideways, sending me swinging from side to side. I began to feel emotional as if I was near tears. I can’t explain the intensity of the helplessness, humiliation and a sort of cathartic remorse over nothing that I could recognize.  Master blindfolded me with a white and black bandana that was like a veil instead of blindness.

I was there, hanging without knowing how much time had passed. I could sense Master by the smoke from his cigar. He hasn’t smoked since early December before our holiday trip. It was a comforting smell it again.

Master lit several red candles. He poured pools of wax over my body until I began to scream. He had poured wax over my anus and genitals. He continued the torture until a thick layer of wax built up enough to forms a protective layer of everything that had been sensitive He lowered me to the floor and left me alone. I couldn’t understand why this session was so emotionally intense for me but it sapped me of all of my energy. I gave up trying to intellectualize and let myself wander through fleeting thoughts and memories until I fell sound asleep. I woke to find my head and shoulders propped among Master’s legs. He was stroking my head and bound shoulders. His erect cock pressed against my chest.

Master slowly and with the same sensuality untied me, letting the rope drop and slide on my body. He took as much or more time untying me as he did tying me. He tickled me and played with my wax encrusted tit and genitals. He untied me except for my arms and gag then lifted my upper body up and laid it over a table. He peeled the wax from rectum and filled it with lubricant. He fucked me. It was the third time of the day. Once in bed, twice, over the fallen tree on the mountain top and then a third time while still bound.

Yes, he has an insane sexual appetite. I am lucky to be the only recipient of his hunger.

Master peeled the wax from my genitals as he brought me to the edge. He edged me several times, leaving me to burn inside from near orgasm. It caused agony that I relished. He removed my gag and spread my mouth open with his hands and spit into my throat. At the moment of passion I didn’t mind it. He finally jacked me off, giving me permission to cum. He finished untying me and then we sat on the floor, kissing and hugging each other.



There are a few things that I object to. The worst is scat, the second is ingesting blood and having something spit into my mouth. I am not so concerned about Master spitting into me because we are so close anyway. He hates scat and blood sharing for the obvious reasons. They are a source, an easy source, of contracting illness of all sorts, not just sexually transmitted diseases.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Day From the Spin of the Wheel

Yesterday was a tolerable day of rest. We relaxed most of the day except to go out shopping for rings for a couple hours.

My evening was spent in chains in the Family Room in front of the TV with the rest of the family surrounding me. Daniel told us a story about a slave at the Chateau who had been permanently welded into a chain restraint combo just like the one that I was wearing after his owner died. Daniel said that he would spend the rest of his life that way. It's sort of horny to think about it but I wouldn't want to live that way.

I spent six hours in vertical spread eagle in the dungeon in the out building today. It was exhausting even though there was no particular strain. Master checked on me from time to time. I really didn't think he'd whip me for six whole hours but he did work my back over with his black snake before he took me down.

I have this mysterious response to single tail whips. The moment I hear him gauging distance, I get so totally loaded with endorphins that I feel like I am flying above myself in a total out of body experience. I often cum during a whipping, no hands! That is exactly what happened today.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wheel of Misfortune

Master found a link to something called The Wheel of Misfortune:

He decided to play with the program and then called me into the office to take my chances with the wheel as he modified it.

He made four categories; Bondage, Bondage and Torture, Bondage and Whipping and Bondage and Spanking. On another wheel he put time for activity ranging from 1 to 24 hours. I first spun the activity wheel then the time wheel until we lined up the next nine days. Of course, actual fuck and suck wasn’t optional because we engage in that at least once each day, that is to say, he uses me as his cum receptacle unless he decides to unlock whatever chastity device I am locked and that is now a rare occurrence, so that I can cum.

4 hours
Bondage and Whipping
6 hours
Bondage and Torture
6 hours
Bondage and Whipping
18 hours
Bondage and Spanking
1 Hour
Bondage and Torture
1 Hour
12 Hours
Bondage and Torture
16 Hours
8 Hours

 Master plans to do more programming involving this idea and then publish it.


I’ve given Same Sex Marriage a lot of thought over the years. I thought it was stupid at first thinking, why do we need to follow hetero rules. Then I came to think of it as a civil rights and equality issue but didn’t hold much value in the union because every gay man that I new wanted to fuck and run. If they didn’t, I saw them as being clingy and jealous. I have loved people but lost them all for one reason or another. It felt like a natural occurrence to have people die or decide change. I love anyway, I’m not afraid of being hurt. “Love many things” – Van Gogh, “Love is all you need” – Lennon & McCartney.

Maybe that’s why the ranch is so important. A family is building itself among hills and visible distant sparkling lakes. Animals live with and trust us. People gather around our fires. Is there a need for papers to prove our love?

Apparently, Among the lawyers and people who hate, we need to legally protect what we are building. There is no other way to do it. Even wills and legal documents can be broken.

I have no problem publicly announcing my love for Ian.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Skull fucked, ass Fucked and then do it all over again.

Skull fucked, ass Fucked and then do it all over again. That is how our day began. Breakfast, work with my growing number of pets and then a day planned in my studio.

I never made it to the studio. Master hogtied me on the office floor and gagged me when I made too much noise while trying to free myself. He eventually made the struggle futile with an extra piece of rope and tightening the knots. I lay alongside his desk in silence.

He released me from the tie shortly before dinner and told me to bend over his desk. He slid his belt out of his jeans and “punished” me for making so much noise earlier that afternoon. His cock was spinning a thread of pre-cum while he beat me. When he stopped, he sat back in a side chair and had me straddle him with his cock impaling me. I started to move up and down to fuck myself, thinking that was what he wanted. He stopped me. He wrapped his arms around me in a bear hug and kissed me all over my face.

“Trace, I want to marry you.”

The idea never crossed my mind. I thought we were married, better than married. I already belonged to him. How much closer could we get to each other but this isn’t a matter of love and closeness. There are practical matters like citizenship, taxes and defending what we are building as partners. The first same sex marriages are taking place on March 29, 2014, it seems like a good day to do it here.

We’re going to be a “young” married couple at the end of March and then we’re going on a honeymoon to Japan. Our ultimate destiny is the Miho Museum. We’re going to the U.K. to get married in April.

 Is this what Master means by "wedding rings"?
All pictures are from tumblr

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Strung up from the rafters.

I thought it would be another quiet evening but as I was leaning against the sofa between Master's leg, I cock feel the filling of his basket against the back of my neck. He leaned forward and wrapped his hands around my neck and face to suffocate me. There was nothing to keep me from struggling except sheer will to enjoy what he was doing to me.

We moved to the bedroom where we now have iron restraints hanging from one of the beams. I have to stand on a block of wood while he attached the restraints to me wrists then step off on to the floor.
I am forced to stand on my toes.

Master played with my tits with his fingers and a few different sets of clamps while using a signal whip to redden my back.

He removed the restraints then bent me over the bed and fucked me. His cock banging into my prostate gland caused me to dribble pre-cum which left me entirely frustrated because I wanted to cum in the worst way. He denied me.

 This picture is from The Arrow TV series.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Quiet day around the ranch today.

Sex as usual. I love it when Master makes a noose of his belt to use as a rein while he fucks me.

Pete made individual German Pancakes topped with fresh Blueberries for breakfast. Master and I went out with the horses today. We led them all on a wild charge across the fields. Sancho and Panza led the horses and then tired out and brought up the rear.

We beat the rain so all we had to do was curry the horses and the dogs before going into the house to spend the afternoon in a newly decorated room. It was a room that sat empty, from the time that my great uncle lived in the house. I think he may still roam the property and I don't blame him. I hope that he approves of what we do with the house.

I saw a page in a Pottery Barn Catalogue that gave me the inspiration. I had the room painted gray. It's not an ordinary gray in that it seems to glow in dim light.  I put a square over dyed silk carpet in the middle of the floor and set a round glass topped steel table in the middle. I put a leather drunkards chair in each corner of the carpet and hung a huge aged mixed species antler light fixture in the middle of the room. I found the antlers piled in one of the outbuilding and took them to an artisan in town to build the fixture.  The room is unadorned except for a huge wood burning fire place, although I found a photograph on Tumblr that I'd like to reproduce in large painting to hang opposite of the fireplace.

Does anyone know who the artist is?
I'd like to contact him.
So now I've had my Martha Stewart moment...
Anyway, that room is where we spent our afternoon reading, talking and sipping red wine.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

An afternoon on the Saddle

It was a cloudy and rainy afternoon. There are no complaints coming from here. We haven't had enough precipitation this winter. I had to get out of the house so I put on some rain gear and went riding. I towel dried my horse and then brushed him down. He has a ticklish spot at the base of his mane. It was funny to see him stop his left read hoof when I brushed it. He seemed to enjoy it.

Master went out early this morning. He hasn't returned yet so I've spent most of my day in the studio painting on canvas.

I decided after watching The Arrow on Netflix that I want to concentrate more on self defense and martial arts. I think that part of why I am submissive is that I don't have a sense of confidence in my physical prowess. It might come from being "taken care of" all my life. I want to feel a little of what I see in this Netflix series, like being muscular instead of skinny and have the ability to do pull-ups while jumping the pull-up bar to the next higher level. It seems dangerous and sexy to me.

Christian had some of the qualities hat I admire. He's quiet, confident and he can tear up just about any one who crosses him or threatens his client.

I like the idea of Archery as a Martial Art. I practice Akido but haven't connected it to self defense as I should. The whole practice is based on care for the attacker.

I took Archery to fill a P.E. requirement in college. It was taught by a Japanese man. I really enjoyed the class which is why I find The Arrow so interesting aside from the obvious hunks in it.

It is really early but I think I'm going to have a glass of red wine, soak in the hot tub and go to bed.

Friday, February 14, 2014


So in follow-up to being fucked both ways this morning, Master came outside to fetch me. He was dressed in an old army green colored T-shirt, ripped fatigues, elbow length leather gauntlets and his scuffed Grinders carrying a black wooden paddle. The mischievous glint in his dark brown eyes gave way to the fact that I was in for hell. He opened my jacket and pulled up my T-shirt to gain access to my nipples. He clipped a pair of red plastic coated metal spring clamps with off-set jaws on them.

Master led me along by using the tit clamps chain for a leash. He took me to the playroom and tied me over a leather covered pummel with my arms and legs secured to its legs.  He strapped a ball gag in my waiting mouth and pulled my jeans below my knees. He played with my hole and caged cock then began to warm my ass with his hand. The sting from his hand can be more painful that a paddle. Having him spank me with his hands reminds me of my Grandfather and Max. I start to think I smell the cigar smoke in Grandfather’s clothes when he held me close to him while he administered the pre-spanking lecture. It’s weird to look back on it as an erotic activity, especially the cupped slap on the top of my thigh.

Master worked my butt over for a long time. He never hit me hard but the continued light slaps built a level of stimulation that was horribly painful. He continued well after I began to moan and tears that I couldn’t hold back were filling my eyes and then dropping onto the floor. It was just an ass beating for no particular reason other than to get his jollies from giving me pain.

I could see his erect cock through his tattered fatigues. It made me feel that I was being what had drawn me to him in the first place. I was his object to do with as he pleases.

Master ended the ass beating with a crescendo of rapid smacks the made me struggle to get free. Master laughed maliciously. He pumped me full of gobbing lubricant then sunk his cock into me for a long and well-earned fuck, adding his giz to the filth and lube that ran down the inside of my legs. 

I watched a TV series while on the plane called The Arrow. The star of the show went from an out of shape dude to a well-muscled stud during the series. The actor had to have been actually building his body for the show while in the process of taping it. What a fuckin’ dream boat!

One episode was about an insanely evil drug czar. He injected his enemies with a drug that mixed from two syringes. The drug made the victim think they were feeling over powering pain through-out his entire body. The victims went mad and killed themselves to escape the sense of pain.

Hmmm, to a much lesser extent, it sounds interesting?


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Home Again

We got in late this afternoon. Instead of flying into San Francisco and then spending several more hours driving home, we landed at the Sonoma County Airport and drove 30 minutes to get home. No flight delays, no rude TSA and decent food.

London was difficult at best. It was almost all business and the closet thing to play was 36 hours of darkness. There was the usual early morning service. When we're stressed it almost seems like a habit rather than full blown passion.

And then we got home and everything just melted away. We had a good work out in the hot tub then joined the guys for dinner. We had pasta with vegetables and grilled wild Salmon. We had cappuccino with a shot of 65 year old James Jamison that Pete found in the wine cellar.

My rectum is quite bothersome tonight.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I'm up a bit early this morning. I barely slept last night. The feeling that I have is that it is Monday. My sense of time is so fucking screwed up. If someone were to ask me what day it is as a measure of my sanity, I would certainly fail.

I saw a video early today on x-tube of a guy who was having a Lori Chastity Cage permanently attached by gluing the locks and filling the key holes with Locktite Red epoxy glue. I looked the glue up on line. The only way to get it to release is to heat with a blow torch and the use a long handled wrench to loosen the bolt.  The way I see it, the guy is screwed unless he want to cut the chastity cage to pieces to get it off.

I wish I had the link to the video some where so I could post.

Master teases me about getting me a reverse P.A. at the base of my cock and a transverse scrotal piercing to do this to me:

I think it looks hot but it is entire disabling. My experience with my P.A. is the piercings never close again unless you have a surgeon close it. I've expressed that I don't want it done but I have a feeling that Master could "talk" me into it.
We're leaving for home today. I'm excited about getting back to work and caring for my fury family. I miss them all.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cold Steel in a Cold Cell

Master is still at the office with his brother and staff. I bowed out on Friday and went back to the Clubhouse to hibernate. A lot of the guys were there so there was no peace to be had up in the living quarters so I went down to the calls in the dungeon and fell asleep on a plastic covered mattress that is laid on a cement "bed". The cell is in a cold corner of the hallway so I robbed a few of the other cells of the wool army blankets that are neatly folded on the bare mattresses

My head was throbbing from a migraine. The cold darkness was soothing. A good long sleep in absolute darkness usually helps me get rid of them. I don't take drugs for them.

I woke with a chain locked around my ankles. The cell door had been locked. I was stuck, a prisoner of my own design. Master came to release me this past evening. I slept so much over the past couple of days that I am unable to sleep tonight. That is why I am awake and writing this.


We're flying home on Wednesday on a chartered jet after taking a couple days to relax and take in a few galleries. I have not indulged in such luxury before but I am grateful to be able to afford it. You still have to go through customs but most of the security hassles that we deal with on commercial flights are circumvented.

As Martha Stewart used to say, "It's a good thing".

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


This is our first full day in London. Craig was waiting for us at the terminal and drove us straight to company. Master checked in and talked to his brother behind closed doors for over three hours. Master asked an assistant to “entertain” me when the conversation became heated. I asked if I could take a taxi to the clubhouse while he worked with his brother.

“No! Stick around; I want you to take look at the accounting for me”. My graduate degree is in Forensic Accounting.

Accounting is accounting but there are some differences between the UK and US. I couldn’t imagine what he thought I could achieve, there are plenty of accountants in the building. It turned out that it wasn’t the company that he was concerned about.

We stopped for dinner on the way to the clubhouse. Master had plenty of anger to get off his chest and I was his sounding board. We found a quiet table in a dimly lit wooden walled steak house near the offices. Master spilled everything that he was angry about, treating me as his absolute confidant. It was an absolute change for him to give me so much family and company information. It was obvious that I was so much more than his toy and lover.

He fucked me brutally before we turned off the lights to sleep. I clenched the sheets tightly with my fists and bit into the pillow to keep from screaming. He turned me over and entwined my fingers in his while he tormented my tits with his two day old facial stubble. It felt like emery paper that was ripping my skin. He let me cum and then we went to sleep wrapped in each other.

He was up and gone when I awoke this morning.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Leaving for London Tomorrow.

We're leaving for London tomorrow morning.  There will likely be days without posts during the coming week.

I want to eat you up Master!

Just some random pictures from my internet piracy.
I like the picture of the Army guys because even if they are not gay,
they share a close physical bond that many men refuse to interpret as intimacy.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Home Depot?

I was shopping at a home depot today. A guy helped me that I wanted to take home with me. He was tall, like Master but very thin. He had a buzzed head and huge brown eyes. I'd guess by his complexion that he worked outside quite a bit when not at Home Depot. He was such a turn-on that I couldn't stop starring at him. I could tell that he felt my attraction because he started to shy away from me while remaining quite friendly.

I gave him my card.

Master was in the store looking at padlocks and chains.

"Master, I know I shouldn't be looking at other guys but this guy turned me on almost as much as you do.
He replied "You're not dead just because you're my slave/ Looking is healthy".

"I gave him our card."

"Hmmm", was all he said.

We stopped at a farmer's Market on the way home and bought a bag of Blood Oranges, fresh purple beets and Swiss chard. We didn't tell Pete about the chocolate bar that we shared. MetalbondNYC