Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Not Sure

I'm not in the mood to write much these days. We hired people to do the grunt work around the ranch but there is so much more to do here that I find myself outside working more. Time flies and the day is gone before I realize the sun is dropping below the mountains. It has been very warm and sunny almost every day and cool at night. It's been overcast and cool today so I decided to stay in the studio where it is warm.

We have been playing out breath control fantasies lately. I keep those activities private because playing with breath control is so fucking dangerous. Suffice to say that it is extremely satisfying when done with Master because I know that he will satisfy my wildest fantasies while keeping me safe.

To answer Anonymous: Neither of us willanswer questions from people who can't identify themselves, even with a pseudonym.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quiet Saturday

Silke David:  The Denver loft turned into a condo for our friends and family when they stay in Denver. It has a small playroom behind a moveable bookcase. It is a bit of James Bond or should I say "Bound".

The studio is going to be attached through a long glassed in hallway to the house with a lounge area/sunroom. The boy can stay natural, even when he works.

Speaking of the boy, I took him to the dungeon last night and tortured the hell out of him to hours before I got tired. He's fuckin marked and bruised. I left him tightly hogtied for the night and so far today. I figured out a new way of getting him all torture tight without cutting off circulation. I can tell he hates it although he never complains except to egg me on. I stood over him last night and came all over him instead of fucking him. He hates that too.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


I thought I would spin a great story about where I have been and what I have been doing over the past month but there is nothing much to say. The new home in a new state has taken our time. We've added  new species to the menagerie and changed the fencing from wire to composite material that has a twenty year guarantee. Other than a few day trips we are home bodies living very private lives.

We drove south to Colorado Springs for a long weekend. We hiked in The Garden of the Gods, hiked up a couple thousand steps on an old cog way from Manitou Springs, dove up Pikes Peak and also took the cog railway up. I never thought much about Pikes Peak until I saw how pervasive it is on the sky line. No matter what direction you view it from, it seems front and center.

We drove down to Canon City on our last day to visit the Royal Gorge. Everything is crowded with tourists, as it should be. We took the train from Canon City through the Gorge then walked the bridge and took the cable cars across and back, I took the Zip Line across but Ian couldn't handle it. I have to admit that it was terrifying at first but eventually, awe and excitement took over my emotions. I'll do it again some day.

There were forest fires some where in Colorado that made the air gray and hazy for a few days. It affected all of us, including the animals. Here we are acclimatizing to the altitude and breathing smoke at the same time.

We have decided to build a studio separate from the house. I feel like I need a place to "go to work".

Play is about pare for the two perverts that we are. Lots of rope work and extended stays in the dungeon. It's not like me to cramp up but it has happened here a few times. We talked to a doctor about it and he said it probably is the altitude again.