Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quiet Saturday

Silke David:  The Denver loft turned into a condo for our friends and family when they stay in Denver. It has a small playroom behind a moveable bookcase. It is a bit of James Bond or should I say "Bound".

The studio is going to be attached through a long glassed in hallway to the house with a lounge area/sunroom. The boy can stay natural, even when he works.

Speaking of the boy, I took him to the dungeon last night and tortured the hell out of him to hours before I got tired. He's fuckin marked and bruised. I left him tightly hogtied for the night and so far today. I figured out a new way of getting him all torture tight without cutting off circulation. I can tell he hates it although he never complains except to egg me on. I stood over him last night and came all over him instead of fucking him. He hates that too.


  1. What was the method you figured out to get him "torture tight without cutting off circulation"?

  2. Sounds as if things are going nicely. I don't write much as it feels a bit intrusive these days. It's good to know all is well but I know you have your lives to lead. All the same, I wish you all well.

  3. I like the idea of a room hidden behind the book case!
    I like architecture. The annexe to the studio sounds great too.
    You both certainly seem to make most of your time and the new space!