Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Little Tied Up Recently

Master played Objectivize the slave with me for several days. He let me go last night just before bed. It's 5:56 am here and I haven't fallen asleep yet so I thought I'd write a little. But now I am falling asleep at the keyboard.

Here's two of my dogs
Sancho is standing, Panza is lying down.
They are technically still puppies but
when they stand on their hind legs
they are nearly as tall as I am.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Our Planet from the Air

Slave sent me a link to a movie on BBC. I couldn't view it through that link but I found it on YouTube:

It is artistically beautiful and a very distressing look at how humans are destroying the Global Environment but ends on a positive note. It suggests ways of changing the course we're on.

Please watch it and make a pledge to do just one thing to change the path we are on. I am changing a few things that will help. I am lousy at recycling, I'll make choices that are less fuel consuming when I travel and I'm going to eat less meat. You might too when you see how our meat is raised and the global cost. These are choices that are simple and most obvious for me to make. I hope that I can do more.

Now onto something kinky. The idea came from something Master saw on a Tumblr page.
He trapped my balls behind me between two long bamboo logs that he stole from a planter on the pool patio. He forced me to kneel then he tied my ankles to my thighs, spreading my legs as far as possible. He tied my wrists behind my back, made a monkey fist from rope and gagged me with it. He tied a rope collar and lead around my neck and let me that way. The pain in my balls grew as did the stress of kneeling on tile and being unable to do anything to relief the growing discomfort. I came back about a half hour later (it felt like hours) and pushed my forehead to the floor. He mounted my behind and fucked me. His movement stretched my balls further causing a sick feeling pain in my groin. My knees felt like they were being pierced by the tile corners. The worst thing was that I had oatmeal for breakfast so I had gas. (Very unsexy to fart while being fucked.)

Friday, July 25, 2014


I bought a spinning wheel when my first Alpaca arrived. It is a large graceful looking tool that sat in the studio next to the loom, waiting to be used. My new friend came to teach me to spin. What a wonderful and relaxing practice to turn fluffy rovings into yarn. The oil from the wool lubricates itself as it slides through the fingers. Every sense is directed toward making a uniform yarn. We spun lumpy rustic looking yarn at first but it slowly became  more uniform as I practiced.

Tommy, Sancho and Panza were lying around the studio until they heard a clamor of geese and barking dogs outside. They raced through the house to join the activity outside. It was a delivery man that Joe buzzed in through the gate. It broke my concentration. It was lunch time anyway.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Coversation

Jeff has been with us for a few days now. His hands are getting calloused and he is at last, going to bed and staying asleep most of the night. The sun and work is putting color back in his cheeks and he is eating full meals. This is like bringing Tommy home. I takes constant love, training, praise and a soft voice to build his confidence in us.

He has known for sometime that I belong to Master although he didn't understand that it was possible to live this lifestyle full time of everyday. He is thinking about, hoping about Christian taking him in. He asked "how do you know when", he wasn't given time to complete his question.

Master said "I knew the first time, the first day that he came to me. He was scarred, eager to please and a little beguiling. He seemed more interested in giving me what I wanted instead of the usual "do me" attitude that most boys that I played with displayed. He was immediately submissive while showing strength of character. He took what I gave him and he turned it to ecstasy someplace in his disturbed perverted mind." Master went on, describing me on the day I became his "object" for thirty days.

Christian sat at a far-away end of the dining table with a gentle smile on his face. I doubt that he will take Jeff beyond straightening his life out but I hope I am wrong.

Joe makes sunflower seed bread for us. It's a soft ancient grain bread that is loaded with sunflower seeds then finished by being rolled in sunflower seed before being baked. He made one of my favorite things for lunch today. His sunflower seed bread topped with turkey breast, romaine leaves, avocado spread and tomatoes with baked waffle fries mad or real potatoes. It's simple but I really love the flavors because everything is truly farm fresh. I always want more bread but I am most often denied.

I took my horses out early this morning. We went for a wild charge across the field to the gully at the far west of the property. I found wild raspberries. I took my t-shirt off and used it to collect the berries. This is my second July here and the first that I discovered the berries.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Christian drove down to pick up Jeff and bring him home. It certainly wasn't Christian's job but he went through the condo with Jeff and took out things that were of value, that he truly did not want to part with. The rest was a lot of clutter. Dirty food dishes were piled on bedroom dressers, empty and partly empties bottles drinks, papers, clothing hanging out od drawers, clothing piled on closet floors instead of hung on hangers and dirty dishes piled on counter tops. Christian said the mess was mind boggling. He also said that he nearly came to blows with Jeff simply because Jeff had let his life fall apart. He lived in a slick high-rise decorated by on of the top designers in the city.

We hired a gay de-cluttering specialist to clean and remove the clutter in Jeff's condo while he spent time with us and get the original designer in to set things right again.

Christian has taken Jeff under his wing but not to his bed.

I gave Jeff a behavioral "drop-kick" this morning when he started second guessing his stay with us. I think I was the right person to do it. I have similar attributes to Jeff's, Abandonment issues, hyperactivity and anxiety.  The big difference is that I have learned to let things go and move on instead of dwelling on things that are done or threaten me. He has to learn to open himself and figure out how to give. He has to learn to fix or walk away from things that are failing. And, I told him, "If you don't love and care for yourself, you can't expect anyone else to".

Christian woke Jeff at 5:30 am this morning and sent him out to help Daniel. There is no arguing with Christian. He had breakfast with us but fiddled with his food. He wanted to go outside for a cigarette. Christian told him he was off cigarettes while he was with us and told him he'd better fill his gut or he was going to get hungry before lunch. Christian sent Jeff to the kitchen to help Joe clean up then sent him out to work with Butch an Daniel. Jeff knew he could not complain or act out. He had a choice to leave or stay.

Boxes of Alpaca and Lama roving's we delivered today. It is my first from my pets. I'm learning to spin and weave from a woman in Mendocino. I took classes while in school but really need an expert to train me.

I thought and worried about our sex life cooling off but Master did something (I presume in his sleep) that he's never done before. I was sleeping facing away from him. He pushed too fingers into my ass with his left hand and threw his right arm over my body. It seemed as if he was restraining me. I woke up again later with his hard cock replacing his fingers. He fucked me while still sleeping (I think). He fucked me again this morning while waking. It was intensely erotic.

Friday, July 18, 2014


It is a peaceful day on the hill. Everyone and everything is quiet.

We woke to a tangle in bed. I wore a t-shirt to bed to keep the tiny wounds and the linen clean. It felt like an encumbrance because of the friction against the linen. In case you care, our bedding is entirely linen. It's what I grew up with and it still feels the most comfortable. Our linen is grey and un-pressed,  not at all like the sheets that our housekeeper ironed everyday when I was a child.

I went out riding by myself this afternoon. My big black was nippy. He tried to get me several time. Each time that I scolded him, he seemed to be grinning. We got it all straightened out with a good face to face conversation. I think he was testy because I haven't been personally attending him enough.

The carrara got locked back in place this morning. I have to admit that it felt weird to be without it.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Taking Time with Master

We're going out for a drive this afternoon and stopping who knows where. We'll play tourists in the valley. 

My little goat is feeding with his mother, at last. I think I taught them how to be mother and son. Like any adolescent, she wasn't prepared to be a mother. Sancho seems to favor the little guy. He took it upon himself to keep him warm between his front legs and chin for two nights.

Master let me out of the Carrara chastity belt. I've been locked in it since we got home. Frankly, I was surprised. We rolled around in bed for a couple hours before we got up. I got to use my horny little devil in ways I usually am denied. LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD ON THAT ONE.

Master took me up the hill and tied me naked between two Oak Trees and used his 12 foot bull whip on my back. Other than getting really cold, the whole event made my head spin. I do meditative breathe control and turn all my attention to the sound of the whip slicing the air and the sting of the knot on my back. It's like being comatose but feeling everything. I came, as I usually do during an intense whipping. Master poured alcohol over my back for a scintillating moment of torment and let it dry in the cold breeze before kissing me all over.

Master, you take my breath away!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Studio Time

I am in my studio today as I was yesterday. I break for meals with the family and time with all the fur children.

I have a sick baby goat. He would fit inside one of my boots. His mother is too young to be a mother and doesn't know what to do with him. He's inside of my shirt keeping warm. I feed him Goats milk by dipping my pinky into it then letting him suck on that. He's normal except that he's tiny. I hope he lives.

I've done a drawing of him from a photo.

I have a friend with HIV+. He is ADD and suffers from depression. I'd go into a coma if I ate as much sugar as he does. He stays up late then can't get up in the morning to go to work. He is sometimes a dizzy queen who needs a swift kick in the ass. We're talking about taking him in to get him settled down.

Well, that's it for now. Sorry to be a bummer.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Running My Ass

Butch and Daniel came home in time for dinner this evening. I'm taking a break before going out to tend to my heard of beasts.

Master got his trusty ass lock out for some serious play this afternoon. I know this thing is modeled after an historical torture device the was used to inflict injury that eventually led to death. A lot of what we do is a modified version of horrible reality.

So just because he saw a picture of a guy chained by an ass lock to a wall, Master thought it would be funny to do a version of that and lead me around the outside of the house by a chain attached to the ass lock.

It feels like having a giant turd in your ass that your too constipated to get rid off. Then, to have someone pull on it from the outside causing even more miserable pressure. I'm not sure I like it.

We had a visitor come to play last night. I had a migraine so I fell asleep on the floor while Master turned the guys world upside down. I didn't even realize that I was sleeping. I stole a pillow from the sofa and lay naked with a Great White Pyrenees on each side of me and Tommy at my head. He growled at our visit when Master brought him into the room. I pretended to be asleep while they talked. He asked Master a lot of personal questions about me. It was a probing question that made me blow my sleepy cover. One of those stupid questions, "do you or have you ever abused him?"

I sat up, disturbing the dogs, "NO FUCKING WAY"!
Thomas, my little yellow dog growled and showed a very nasty tooth full threat to the guy.
I asked Master to excuse me and went to our bedroom. The dogs followed. Tommy growled again.
What kind of asinine question was that after asking a guy to tie him and whip him?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Not a Sunny Day.

We had breakfast around the pool this morning. Well, Master had breakfast. He frog tied me while we were still in bed this morning. He carried me outside an put me down on the tile and left me there while he and the guys ate. Daniel said, "if that were me there, I'd think it would be nice to be gang banged to get the day started".

After Joe cleared the dishes. Master lifted me up to the table top, rearranged my bondage and all five guys took their turn.

Daniel would make a great Master if he weren't Butch's slave.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

High Kick to the Back of The Head

Master and Christopher were sparring up on the hill under the Oak trees today. I was hot to see the two nearly naked men go at each other. For big guys, Master is what you might call huge, they are swift and nimble. I watched them from a distance. I leaned against the fence with Alpaca nosing me for attention. I saw Christopher fly with a roundhouse movement and catch Master in the back of the head.

I'm sitting with Master trying to keep him awake in case he has a concussion. (Doctors orders) We watched a move about two guys in small town Texas trying to find love amidst their crumbling love lives. They hook up and the movie ends with the guys driving to work feeling good about their new loves. Strictly a vanilla feel good movie but we looked at each other at the very same time and told each other that we're lucky we don't have to deal with that anymore.

Butch and Dan are going to a rodeo someplace for the weekend. I'm going to be getting up before the sun and putting all the animals into shelter for the night. We have the four dogs who spend almost their entire lives outside but they're still puppies. We can depend on them to bark and threaten intruders but they are not mature enough to fight anything off. Anyway, I'll be outside being a rancher all weekend. I'm looking forward to it.

Master has time to play around the ranch more since we got home. He's not playing absentee CEO anymore since the sale of his family's business. His brother took on a leadership role but Master took the money and ran off to America. He's watching what the money watchers do on our estate so he keeps busy part of the time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Boys of Abu ghraib

We watched BOYS OF ABU GHRAIB last night.

It was about a young soldier who volunteered for a shift as a prison guard to escape the boredom of his post in the motor pool. It depicted how he was a truly good person who had been damaged by attempts on his life, death of his friends and the horrors and atrocities of war.  It was a story about how he lost part of his humanity and became abusive. It was based on real life fact of Abu Ghraib guards tormenting and humiliating prisoners during the Bush presidency.

I became saddened by the way the media attacked the prison guards without compassion and by the way the government caused the perversion of otherwise good people. I became saddened by the constant warfare and tribal disputes that are historically endless.

Boys of Abu Ghraib is definitely worth watching.

Speaking of feel down. I went to bed before Master. I usually sleep on the left side of the bed facing the center of the bed. Master sleeps facing me.  I apparently unconsciously turned away from him when he came to bed. I was awakened when he said "This isn't happening". He grabbed me by my balls and turned me toward him, suffocating me in his arm pit. He pulled the blanket up over us and wrapped his right arm around me and then kissed me "Goodnight Boy". I was mostly asleep.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Missed TOO Much!

I love travel. I've never been one to be a Home and Hearth kind of guy in the past but now that I've built a family of friends and animals, travel comes with conflicted feelings. Now I love being home. I love stepping in livestock shit and grooming the critters that make it.

The Alpacas and Llamas were all shorn in my absence. I missed learning about the process and being there to comfort them while it was happening. I also missed the birth of cria and foal

I missed the first new shoots on the newly planted vines and seeing my trees come into full foliage.

My dogs and geese made a gallant charge when we pulled into the yard. Sancho and Panza knocked me down and the rest of the dogs jealously pushed and tugged to get to me. My little yellow dog has learned to stand back from the fray and wait for his turn. He's been trampled by his bigger siblings enough to be wary of them. He knows he will get special hugs and kisses. All of the puppy's have grown wildly in my absence. They are going to be monstrously large dogs.

The southern slope outside the living room window is covered with orange flowers.

Yes! I am very happy to be home.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bondage at 40,000 Feet

You might have heard of the Mile High Club. Master has that beat. How about bondage, ass beating, skull fuck and fucking at 40,000 feet.

The only passengers were Master Christopher and me. To Pilots in the cockpit and a flaming ginger boy attending to our needs. None of them seemed to mind. In fact, the men in the cockpit took turns watching. The ginger boy stood well away from the activity. I could here him gasp even with Master's cock filling my head and throat.

We're nearly home. We're coming to the eastern slope of the Rocky's. I bet the dogs can feel us coming near. Animals are funny that way.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Together Again.

Master is with me in the Chateau. I was freed from the Dungeons shortly after he arrived. His touch feels so sweet after being parted at the Munich Airport nine days ago.

The driver from the airport did not cover my head for this trip to the Chateau. I've apparently graduated from being thought of as low life pledge slave meat. The brutal treatment that I had received in the past did not occur although I was restrained once I stepped inside the Chateau and escorted to the dungeons.

They watched me as I stripped. They restrained me in a chair while shaving the hair that I had grown since the beginning of our trip. The guards moved me to a ceramic bathing table and removed my body hair and scanned my ribs to check the signal from the tracking chip that they embedded there. It was a ritual that I have felt several times before so I felt comfortable with the process, including a very hot shower and scrubbing. 

They moved me to my cell. It was a gray stone room with a stainless prison style sink and toilet combination. The bed was a mattress that lay on the bare floor and a tattered woolen blanket. There is a ring embedded in the wall should they decide to chain me. The guards ordered me to lay on the mattress. My hands were restrained behind me and they had blindfolded me. One of the guards pulled me up at the waist. He squirted lubricant in my ass then pressed his hard cock inside of me. I objected, "I am sure that Master did not give permission for you to fuck me". The guard slapped me across the face on ordered me to stop my insolence. The guard continued to fuck me. Then I started to smell the guard and feel the shape of his cock and body as he held me from behind. "Christian?", I yelled. He started to laugh, "yes boy, it's Christian".

I asked, "what are you doing here".
"The same as you, I'm here for annual training."

"I am so happy to feel someone from home. Sir, how I miss home".
Christian is my "body guard", security guard, friend, part of my family and companion. He also acts for Master when he is not with me.

Most of my time in the Chateau is spent locked in solitary confinement with music playing softly in the background. I think but I am not sure that there are subliminal messaged in the background. What ever, Master is aware of it. My only break is to be taken out to be "trained" every day. Christian is usually present but not always active.  Days can be long, boring and monotonous. There are moments when I feel like I will go mad and then I go to sleep, waking up feeling the same monotony.

This is not a slave's life that I would want to live.

I met a slave who was training the first time that I was trained. We were locked hand, foot and neck to a wall in a long hall. He is an American who is owned by a Saudi. He had his teeth removed at the Chateau at his Master's request. He was quite happy when we talked again. He was wearing dentures that changed his facial structure. He smiled when ever he spoke of his Master so the trepidation that I felt about his situation as changed to gladness for him and respect instead of loathing of his Master who once sounded absurdly cruel.

Master came early. That meant that he either consummated the sale of the family business early or that the deal fell through. We haven't talked about that yet. The first and only thing that he was interested in was shoving his cock in my throat and ass while rolling me in his arms. He told me that he is going to renew his brand on my ass tomorrow then take me home.