Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Guys, this is the last post.

My slave is not getting the response from you guys that tells me that this blog has
value to enough readers to justify continuing.

Master Ian

Monday, April 28, 2014


Dalton Ott has written what I consider the best article on Chastity that I have ever read. Please visit for more fantasy and life style articles.

Chastity Device Play For Two

So you have the perfect chastity device....... now what?

Like many bondage lovers I am fascinated with chastity devices. I had researched the chastity device industry for a previous article called Bondage is Chastity. During my search I was amazed at the creativeness, quality, and variety of devices that were on the market. As a bondage gear-head I first fell in love with the hardware aspect of these devices; the more complex, mechanical, and lockable the better.

Over the years I have taken my own trial and error journey through different types of devices, I’ve found this is common for most bondage gear-heads. Most of us have several devices complete with extra parts in our gear collection that we no longer use. As each new design became available we got in line and purchased one. We paid too much and because all male anatomies are different, found they were not secure and generally did not fit.

Some of us gave up all together, but some of us bit the bullet and invested in a custom made device. Even though it was expensive and took months to arrive, at least it was secure and fit properly. After years and for some of us decades of searching we now have our perfect chastity device, the question is; now what?

Humans have very powerful libidos, but unlike animals that are driven by their sexual instincts to procreate, humans strive to manipulate their sexual energy to enhance and prolong pleasure. The use of a lockable properly fitted chastity device is simply one way of achieving this.

Let us look at this human sexual energy.

I did additional research for a proposed companion article to Bondage is Chastity, this time with a focus on female chastity play. I contacted several women on kinky social sites who posted pictures or listed chastity belts as one of their interests. I asked all of these women about their experiences wearing chastity devices. I found only a few who actually played with lockable chastity and even fewer who enjoyed long term play. Most were fine with wearing chastity as a form of bondage, a sign of ownership, or as fashionable fetish wear. A chastity belt used as a piece of bondage gear can hold dildos in place or restrict stimulation and access during a scene. They can also be worn as a sign of ownership that symbolizes to her and others that she is safely locked away by and for her owner.

The most common use of a device was as a fashion accessory. A few of us have the image of a woman at a party with a chastity belt peeking out from under a short black leather skirt burned into our memories. Female chastity devices of today are not heavy crude iron with spiked holes locked in place by a giant padlock that requires a five key type they once used to lock up the virgin Princess to keep the bloodlines pure we read about in medieval stories. On the contrary they are quite elaborate, highly crafted, and very expensive.

Some have attached hole filling plugs, remote controlled stimulators, and additional locking covers for the breasts. Multiple labia piercings with locks seem to be a more practical approach to long-term wear but this too was rare. There is defiantly a thriving industry focused on female chastity devices, but what my male ears heard next was a big surprise. The women I interviewed said they lost their sexual drive if they were locked up more than a day or two. I was surprised at this most likely because I’m biased by my own male sex drive. These women said because their sexual energy was charged by their owner’s “interest” in their sexual parts, chastity sent a strong message that their owners were “not interested” in their sexual parts. They said even though it was a powerful way to feel ownership and express obedience, there was a side effect, their sexual energy lessened. Granted there are always exceptions, but I have concluded the majority of long term female chastity is a male driven idea and fantasy. It is how men wishfully think women react not how they actually react. I guess that is understandable because many men think good cunnilingus is like licking a tough stain out of a carpet.

Women are so pleasantly complex and different I’m grateful they keep surprising us and keeping us guessing. I hope they keep telling us their secrets now that I’m old enough to listen.

Let’s now move our attention to men. Men have a more primitive sex drive; we crave a place for our cocks that is warm and wet. We don’t care if it is indoors or outdoors, we don’t care if we are on the top or on the bottom, in front or in back, if she has blond hair or no hair, skinny or curvy, and of course we want as many as possible as often as possible. At their animal core men are unfocused, uncommitted, and unsatisfied. We are base creatures that begin humping in the crib. Our sexual drives rule us from our early teens. We fight, show off, take life threatening risks, and pretty much make fools of ourselves for even a chance at satisfying our sexual urges. Then an hour later we want to do it all again.

Our sex drive builds over time without orgasms no matter how old we are. The only things that may prevent us from pursuing these cravings are unattractiveness, shyness, awkwardness, or just plain being naive. The most pimply faced high school nerd has the sexual appetites of Hugh Hefner or Ron Jeromy, they just haven’t figured out how to act on them.

I spite of these base urges many men use their will power to “choose” to commit completely to one person. I use the word “choose” because I believe it is counter to our testosterone driven natures. For those who choose this, some are successful and some aren’t, but all struggle with these very powerful urges.

The BDSM and swinging communities provide a place to attempt to satisfy our base needs in a safe, sane, and consensual environment. Other communities support “social norms” like committed relationships. These relationships may or may not identify with a power dynamic, even though one usually exists. A man can choose to express his sex drive by satisfying every appetite and urge or he may choose to limit himself to a committed relationship. I’m not here to judge anyone, good luck with whatever you choose.

To be up front I am in a committed monogamous relationship with a woman, so I write from that perspective. I understand the struggle a man deals with to remain exclusively focused on one person. I also know that focus can’t survive if it is only played out on a physical level, it must involve the whole of two people. In my opinion my sexual energy is in no way lessened by directing it toward one person, so please don’t laugh when I say “its quality not quantity”.

I look at it this way; I can take a peek down a variety of rabbit holes or I can explore and get completely lost in one that is very special. So with “rabbit hole” exploration in mind, I’m going to focus on how to use chastity to play with the powerful sexual energy of a man.

There are the extremes in any sort of kinky play and chastity is no exception. Some guys enjoy what I call “doing time”, this is a solo experience. It can be accomplished with little or no interaction with another person. To hold the key they may use a time lock key safe or a long distance person or agency to hold the key.

Other extremes include permanent chastity. This is achieved by welding, gluing, or riveting a device in place so the only way to remove it is by destroying the device. I first thought this was simply a fantasy, but since then I have discovered totally device chased men who have lived normal happy lives for years and years. I won’t attempt to analyze this desire because I don’t think I could. There are resources to delve into the dynamics of this type of play but that is not the focus of this article. I really love being alone, but being alone with a boxed up penis just doesn’t sound like a party to me, but my hat is always off to successful “boat floating”.

My focus in this article is how two people can use this imprisoned male sexual energy to connect and improve focus. As a man in love I want to focus all of my sexual energy and cravings onto one particular person. I want to accomplish several things; I want to harness the random male unconscious unfocused desire to mount every woman I meet, because like most men I constantly feel this force pulling at my very soul. As a man I am affected sexually by what I see and there is plenty to see these days. I also believe humans are very susceptible to pheromones. We may have limits to what we can consciously smell, but my cock has a nose of its own, I’m so glad it doesn’t bark or howl. I understand that enforced chastity is not the total answer; I do have free will and the ability to choose.

I’m hard wired with these base desires that are always running in the back ground and realize they will never stop, nor would I want them to. On the contrary I want to amplify them, direct them, and bend them, not lessen them. A man must consciously commit to stay true and I believe men are totally capable of doing so with or without chastity. I hear cynics say “all men do” but I don’t believe that is true. A man can choose to act contrary to his sexual nature. Words like resisting, holding back, depriving, or suppressing has nothing to do with what I am talking about. Bending, focusing, enhancing, and freeing have everything to do with what I mean. Understand that if a man offers himself in this way he does so wide eyed and willingly.

Disclaimer: Enforced chastity alone will not create these dynamics; a chastity device is only a tool. This type of play takes the work and willingness of both parties to achieve any lasting results. I focus on this form of chastity play because I understand all too well the internal battle a man faces with his unfocused sexual urges. Enforced chastity can be used in a formal D/s relationship or in a devoted/vanilla relationship. Whatever agreement you enter into it must have a device wearer and a key holder. It can take on many forms and include various BDSM dynamics, but the goal is to connect and focus.

Let’s get started, Lock up a man’s penis and you have his full attention.

Men masturbate, I’m sure that is no surprise. In general a devoted man wants to focus and stay mentally, emotionally, and physically loyal, but it is a balancing act. An unchaste man may use occasional “maintenance” masturbation to deal with this craziness. This practice can be temporary or grow into a full time private relationship with his hand. He may not physically stray but his mind and moods are directly connected to his sex drive.

The most practical way to help him control this is to lock him in a secure chastity device. The moment you do this the clock will start ticking; he is now like a corked new wine barrel. The sexual pressure will begin to build, but you have removed the masturbation option. The fact that he is interested in chastity devices and now is locked in one makes that masturbation option look really good to him about now.

Keep in mind chastity device play is a 24/7 activity not just a scene. It takes energy to wear a device and it takes energy to hold a key. The amount of energy and where this energy comes from is the secret to any long term success.

The wearer will develop a relationship with the device which is normal, but there is a danger this can become a distraction. He will need to find a place to place this pent up energy so at this point make sure it is you. Everything in him will begin to scream for some sort of release, but in his madness he has no idea what that means. His connection to you will grow stronger; he will want to rub your back, service you with his mouth, sit at your feet, and may shock you by offering do chores around the house.

Things can get out of balance if you both aren’t careful. He must learn to stay balanced and he must learn that soon. You must cut him some slack at first because to him twenty four hours will become an eternity especially through the long nights. He is really quite mad at this point because this is all new and unmanageable. There is a very simple solution to all of his madness; all you need to do is notice. At a minimum touch it, look at it, and notice what he is experiencing. Do this every day at a minimum, you have no idea how vital and rewarding that simple act can be. Without that notice he will feel alone and he will lose focus and become frustrated. Chastity is what his life will be about until he finds that balance. Expect him to work hard on finding balance because you will only have patients just so long until you form a resentment toward him and his device.

Noticing and balance are vital to this type of chastity play. He will wear it until the end of time as long as he feels that connection, not only his connection to you, but your connection to him. The wearer will thrive if you enjoy what he is experiencing. Once he knows he is not alone in this experiment the chastity device will be put into proper perspective or balance.

To preserve your energy you should always control conversations involving his chastity. Ask him about it, let him tell you what it feels like, but limit his conversation because he will not shut up about it if you don’t establish this rule.

Harnessing this powerful force is an amazing thing if you truly understand what it is. A side effect of this feeling of connection is that his focus problem is a thing of the past. The simple act of you noticing and enjoying what he is doing makes the rest of the world fade away. You will become more beautiful, more interesting, and much more important. Without that he is simply alone and horny with his packaged penis.

Turning up the volume…..

Now that you have him locked away, how do you play with this energy?

A man’s libido builds over time two weeks is a good place to start. If possible keep him locked up for the first ten endless days. Until then when you touch it and ask about it reassure him you are committed and will not show mercy. Because actions speak louder than words so keep the threats to a minimum. Long rants, threats, evil taunts, or lectures do nothing for me personally, but a silent smirk sends shutters through my bones. Express your enjoyment and adopt an attitude that you understand it is difficult but you know he will be able to endure it. Never feel sorry for him and never show weakness at your resolve.

This is a good place for humor because believe it or not your entertainment and enjoyment is one of the main reasons he is doing this. Submissive men endlessly use the phrase “I want to please you”, some mean it and some don’t. During this type of chastity play submissive and non-submissive men actually say and mean these words. Your approving smiles become as powerful as shots of morphine.

An almost drug like feeling of a strong profound connection will set in at this point mixed with the need for sexual release. The need for sexual release has reached a desperate level but the powerful connection he feels and his need to please you is becoming ever more powerful. The first time he experiences this he will be totally amaze because he feels this way. No matter how old or experienced he is, enjoy his boy like excitement. He truly wants to please you more than he wants to have an orgasm. He may have said this in the past possibly to be gentleman, but this is the first time he actually means it from his gut.

Next the all-powerful pheromones come into play. He will bury his face in you day and night, freshly showered or straight from the gym if you permit him. You will mark him with YOUR scent; he will desire to taste and smell only you. Use your feet, hair, arm pits, or yesterday’s panties work to properly focus your man. The more he is focused on you the less he is distracted.

Holding a key takes energy, please understand that. Enjoy his attentions but don’t let them overwhelm you. Bondage is a great place to get him out of your hair. Putting him in a cage or sleepsack for a few hours a couple times a week is better than giving him a weekend in Vegas or a Corvette. This will stoke the flames, give you a break, and make him forever grateful, trust me. Experiencing a few hours of proper bondage while he is unable to touch his cock is monumental. This requires very little effort on your part beyond a few straps, locks, or zippers. I’m sure he will find the time and motivation to arrange something. Use this time for cleaning, teasing, or ignoring, he is in chastity so the pressure builds automatically. You could also have him meet your needs; I promise that will be his main fantasy while he is in there.

The tease and denial play can take many forms, but let’s be practical the energy it would take to do a daily tease and denial session is too overwhelming. This is something you find in chastity fantasy stories, but a two or three day weekend session as a surprise is possible, he will never ever forget it.

Some guys can go for months with no release without any drop in desire and some guys like me reach a point where everything shuts down. I don’t personally use chastity to set world records; I use chastity to stay connected, sexually charged, and focused. The benefit I enjoy is at my age it seems to take longer to orgasm, but with chastity my penis acts like it is eighteen again. Chastity isolates the penis so over time it becomes ultra-sensitive, and with only limited orgasms a man is never far from the “edge”, a condition can give the key holder a strong sense of power. The ups and downs of sexual energy are fun to navigate, there are endless possibilities.

Keep him in a state of the unknown. Never ever let him know if or when he will have an orgasm. Learn to be unpredictable and I suggest to always react to all hints of manipulation with NO! You may enjoy a playful banter and you may enjoy thwarting his schemes, but in our play any hint of manipulation on my part is not tolerated. It seems to me to send the wrong message. I personally am giving control willingly; no one is taking anything from me. Either dynamic will work but that seems vital to the way we personally play.

Over time his orgasms will take on event status. Not so much for him because he will be confused about what he wants. He will fear losing the connection he feels at the same time he feels every cell in his body scream for release. If it happens or if it doesn’t happen, both will be perfect and powerful to him. However it goes you will be the one who has orchestrated all of this so a sense of pride and satisfaction will put a smile on your face. Trust me that smile is worth all of his suffering.

A chastity device can be viewed as a prison or as a fence around Disney Land. It can be a very lonely place where you are alone and a prisoner or it can be a fence to keep all others out except the two of you.

This is only one way to play with these devices. I recommend trying them all as I have. I wrote down what works for me because I have not found a lot of writing with this focus. My original article Bondage is Chastity contains more information about devices and some practical tease and denial techniques.

by Dalton Ott

Friday, April 25, 2014

Do It Now

So I just realized today that when Master tells me to do something, he means do it now. He gets a certain look in his eye and leans his head toward me if I don't respond to him fast enough. "TRACE!"
Usually, it's all about me when he does it.

Like when I am exhausted and can't stop to relax because I am trying to do too much.
"TRACE! Go take a nap!"
"Sir, I'd just like to finish this one",

"He told me that he sometimes feels like he's married to a spinning top".


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another Chaste Day on the Ranch

Sex without relief.
I haven't complained about this before but I am horny as hell today. My nuts are filled to the point that the scrotum is struggling at the edge of the nut cup for space.

I've been bound and fucked in every way possible over the last weeks and haven't gotten off in longer than I can remember. Chastity is a great kink but sometimes you really pay for the pleasure of being locked up.  Sometimes I think I am cunning while Master fucks me but I'm never sure.  My whole crotch is a cum filled mess so there is no way to discern whether I've added to it. I'm certainly not feeling any orgasms. 
I spent most of yesterday chained in the wine cellar.
Today was a work day. I worked in the office then retired to the studio to work.  I went out to be with my pets after lunch. I feel energized being with them.  I feel like a kid when I'm out playing with them.  The dogs play fetch and the horses kick a big bright blue ball around. The goats, llamas and alpaca just want to be stroked and hand fed. The cows just walk around chewing grass all day.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Waiting Slave

Sitting on a cold stone floor.
Wrists handcuffed to a bolt above the head.
Ankles weighted with leg irons.
Silence except for the jingling of chain
and a clock measuring the minutes that turn to hours.
No one hears the beating heart.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More about Tattoos

I found this picture on tumblr. I think the work is beautiful and so is the guy but what will he look like as he ages. I wonder what kind of work he does. Does a facial tattoo make it difficult to find a job? He looks clean cut and tattoos don't have the stigma that they had when I was this kids age but a lot of business decision makers may disqualify him. 

Me and my sore ass.  I wasn't even awake when Master had his cock up my ass this morning. His appetite for sex is relentless. I'd like to see him locked in a chastity belt for just one week to see how crazy it would make him.

I spent a couple hours on the floor in Master's office this afternoon. He locked a Punisher Chastity Device on my cock and put pricker pads under my short rubber cat suit then hog tied me so I was forced to lay on the prickers and spikes. He didn't gag me. I presumed he want to hear me moan from the discomfort he was causing me by stabbing my tits and cock.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Outdoor Bondage

It was a decent day outside.

I dressed in the Carrara Chastity Belt with a locking butt plug under it. The rear strap from the belt forced the plug deeper than it was normally. I wore faded jeans T-shirt and my Wellies under my green Carhardt work jacket. Master locked my wrists behind my back in handcuffs and leg irons around my boots.

Master stuffed a few toys into his jacket pockets and then walked me up to the top of the hill where he told me to lay on my chest. He hog tied me with the cuff chains, gagged me with a ball gag with duct tape securely wound over it and around my head several time. He used an old rage to blindfold me then secured that in place with tape. He gave me a booted nudge and told me that he would see me at sundown then walked down the hill toward home.

There was no need to struggle so I didn't bother. I was securely bound and left where no one could see or hear me. I decided to lay quietly and let my mind wander where ever it wanted to take me. It wasn't long before I heard Sancho an Panza huffing and puffing up the hill towards. They greeted me with their tongues and laid down on either side of me quietly panting.

I've been thinking about tattoos. I think massive body jobs are hot when they are well thought out and executed. I've been thinking about getting a pair of Great Blue Herons on my back. In most cultures they signify, elegance, grace, patience and enduring persistence. I'd like a full body "shirt" done with them as the focal point. I'm still thinking about that.

I wonder at guys who get tattoos scattered over the body that seem disconnected and lacking unity. I also think tattoos on the neck can be extremely sexy and I wonder how people, especially people like bankers, layers, doctors, etcetera go through life doing there work and how people perceive them.

The dogs started to wrap themselves around me, almost laying on top of me. Sancho started licking my wrists and hands.

It was well after dark before Master came to get. He unshackled my ankles and then cut through the crotch of my jeans, unlocked the Carrara and removed the plug. He fucked me and then took me down the hill toward home. He fucked me again in the bedroom before I cleaned up for dinner and then again when we went to bed.

Master position himself on his back with his arms and legs stretched spread eagle. I crawled in from the foot of the bed and started to like his cock. He moaned and the reached down to pull me up into his arms, wrapping me tightly in his embrace.



Friday, April 18, 2014


I watched a movie called "Zeitgeist" yesterday afternoon. I was confined to bed by the family because they were sick of me being sick. They loaded me up with homeopathic anti-virals, hot liquids and a vaporizer with sinus clearing herbs.

I'm not much of a conspiracy nut but I found my self agreeing with much of what was said during the movie, especially religion and it's use to numb the minds of the populace to gain political and economic control.  I'm a sworn and true capitalist but I see where individuals and companies use their money for political agendas rather than good.


There is a point a which a very few people have so much wealth that it becomes useless for any practical purpose. There are many of those few who start wars to protect what they have and profit by those wars through funding, building materials to perpetuate wars and destroying the sanctity of life.

Watch Zeitgeist. You can find it on Netflix. Tell me what you think.

Speaking of wealth. How hypocritical!  The last remnants of my grandparents material processions are being sold off at auction soon. I chose to have my grandmother's Steinway and some of the art sent to me.  It arrived while we were in Aspen. I learned to play stringed instruments but I never felt interested in piano.  When I was growing up, I would sit at the piano and pluck out the melody lines of simple songs. Some times I altered the timing. I'd get lost in it. I'm looking forward to doing that again.

We haven't had sex for a few days so I am looking forward to crawling into bed with Master tonight.
I tried to work outside today just to get some vitamin D pumping through my body. I still feel pretty good so I think the infection is past.


 This picture turns me on. I found it on Tumbler

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

30 Minutes of Torment?

30 Minutes, just 30 minutes? has a site called 30 Minutes of Torment
"Do you have what it takes?"

I've got to thank for some great porn and bondage ideas but 30 minutes?
The worst part would be having Van Dark Whore top me.

I played with a guy who had the same tint of queenish quaver - mean girl in his voice. He was
an experienced top but I had to laugh at his demands some times. He was a big
muscular dude with knee high boots and Jodhpurs and tattoos. He was the man of my dreams until
I heard his voice echoing through the dungeon.

My dick dropped limp as over cooked pasta and never got hard again.

I have a horrible cold that started with a sore throat on Sunday night.  I've been sleeping almost constantly. Master has quarantined me in the bedroom down the hall except for time spent in the sauna with a big white bath towel to use to blow my nose.

I crept out to the deck to watch the Blood Moon and eclipse the other night. It was spooky. I can imagine how pre-science humans were terrified by such an occurrence. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm not at all organized and don't really care

I feel like my days race by without a sense of accomplishment. I feel like a "dizzy queen". I wake up at 6:am, work outside, eat breakfast the work outside helping to dig holes under the rows wood posts and wires then go to my studio where I work until I'm in a state of total fatigue, except yesterday.

Master locked a chain around my neck and dragged me out to the dungeon. He fastened the chain to a bold near the floor, leaving me a foot leeway to barely move. I was sitting cross legged and bent at the waist. My hands were chained behind my back.

Master left me alone.

My lower back began to feel stressed but I managed to stretch then relax which helped me alleviate the pain. He came back later to leave tiger strips up and down my back.  He unchained my hands and ankles then lifted me up by my hips, leaving my neck chained. He filled my ass with lube and laid into me with his cock.

It was a disconcerting position to be in. I felt the chain tighten as Master moved us back and forth. His jiz filled my hole and dribbled down my leg while he continued fucking me. He came again.

We were at the building center in Colorado last week when I saw a man talking to a clerk at the contractor counter. He looked at me and our eyes locked, our movements were suspended. He was a big man, tall and massively built although muscular and fit. He wore his ball cap backwards. His left arm was heavily tattooed from his wrist, over his shoulder and disappearing under his tank top. Master came up behind me and told me to stop starring.

Oh! Oh! I thought I was in trouble but not so.
He reminded me of it that night when we crawled in to bed. It said it turned him on. He fucked me slowly and told me that I was an absolute slut and that's why I need to have my cock locked up.


 Gratuitous picture or is it an invitation?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Quick Notes

We're back on the ranch. Snow is still good in the mountains around Aspen but The Domesticated was calling.

We arrived to the honking of geese and the excited barking of dogs. I didn't have time to carry our bags in before Dan called me out to the corral to see the babies that I missed seeing born. They were miniatures of their mothers on spindly legs with long lapping tongues in search of their mother's tits.The horses hung their heads over the fence neighing for my attention.

It is fucking good to be back home with my family again!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Wedding

Everything went perfectly as planned, even the weather cooperated. We didn’t get the rain that was in the forecast but everything was still held in the house with quests spilling outside to wander around the property.

Master and I wrote our own vows in secret so neither of us knew what was being said. We dressed in new leather and shiny new boots. We exchanges custom designed rings. The house was decorated in Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Western Cedar, moss with preserved field and forest flowers.

Domaine Carneros was the sparkling wine of the day along with other Sonoma Valley wines. There was a variety of micro-brewery beers from around the world including a Heffeweis from Florida called Funky Buddha. Hard beverages were kept locked away. Dinner was perfect, the cake was decorated to look like studded leather and the party rocked on for hours. Some of the guys got together to play after the hetero people left.

Master, MY HUSBAND, and I went to our room after things started to settle down and cuddled in bed with a new state of mind about who and what we have become to each other.  The dogs cried at our door until we opened the door for them and then we all went to sleep.

It’s Thursday. We’re in Aspen, alone. It was an unexpected trip that we made on impulse. The house was left completely furnished by the previous owners and the realtors and property manager arranged to have it cleaned from top to bottom. It must have been a token of prestige for the owner. It appears that they rarely, if ever, used it.
We've been staying home at night after dinner to watch "Lost" on Netflix.