Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Much Happens in Eight Days

Master tied my arms behind my back using jute rope in Bukkake style. The rope wound around my neck then back down to my arms, leaving a long tail of rope to use as a leash. He clamped a wide steel collar around my neck that was chained to a heavy steel ring that was attached to the wall. The bondage forced me to stand, back to the wall, standing flat feet on the cool cement floor. He inserted something into my urethra that was held in place by a ring at the base of my cock and another ring behind the meatus. It was secured by a post threaded through my apadrahvya. He attached wires to the base and the metal apadrahvya insert.

He gagged me with a ball gag that was held in place with a tightly drawn head harness then turned the power on a stimulator that had been attached to a laptop computer. He left me standing, alone, in a room in a far corner of the basement to be tortured with alternating intense pleasure and intense pain. Some of the hours that passed were spent in agonizing bondage that seemed to tighten when I struggled. I felt close to passing out.

It was the beginning of eight nights of long over due owner/object activity.

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  1. Well, hello!
    I just thought I wonder what you get up to these days, just thought I check if slave is back from holiday and has commented on you finishing the blog, and here is a new posting!
    Sounds as if you christened the basement in style!!!
    Master Ian has to be admired, he comes up with very imaginative scenes.
    How are you all settling in anyway?
    Lots of love, Silke