Saturday, August 1, 2015

Does it Sound Like Complaining?

Our relationship has been changing since we moved up on the mountain. The first and most noticeable change is the labor situation. There is no more up-at-the-crack-of-dawn ranch labor for me. Butch hired two full time guys to help with the labor and a landscaping company to "make the land right" for us.

My job is to enjoy the animals and of course, make myself available for Master and his increasing desire to use, abuse, fuck and keep him company. He keeps me bound and stored more than I ever really hoped for. Pain is more a part of my life, especially that which is slight but constant. My cock is locked in one thing or another unless he is torturing it or is fucking me and wants me to "relieve" myself. I can touch myself for his entertainment while he supervises. I've learned to edge myself over and over again without getting off or getting off in such an intense orgasm that it becomes almost torture.

I'm also collared with a shock collar that he uses to summon me. Ray made a set of irons for wrist and ankles that are not connected by chain. I wear them almost constantly. Master locks chain between them at will.

He has renewed his requirement that I remain speechless unless I am asked to speak. I am ball gaged with a harness over that a lot of the time. Although I like being gagged, it gets tiring and my jaw muscles start to protest.

I have the use of the computer for one hour per week. He keeps my cell phone unless we are off the property so we're back to being a slave rather than his boy. Much of the time I am an object.

The other night, I was restrained with iron. Master has a broad jaw, roman nose, intensely blue eyes and short cropped hair. He has a three day stubble head and beard that are stiff, like needles. He has taken to using his beard to torment me. I's like having very rough garnet paper rubbing my skin. That night, Master was scraping my skin while fucking me. My chest was becoming raw enough to cause me to tear and beg him to stop. He laughed quietly as he continued. At some point, he grabbed me around my neck and began closing off my blood flow while he rammed is cum into my guts. He kissed me while still holding my neck. My cock was swollen and trapped into a birdlock punisher device. The spikes jabbed my cock mercilessly. Master removed the device so that he could torment my cock with his beard. He said he would only stop when I came.


  1. I usually think about what I comment very carefully, as written messages can be understood differently than how they are meant.
    I the last post you said "owner/object activity". I was surprised by the use of the word "object" then. I thought that was taboo in your household and relationship.
    When you were in Bhutan, Master Ian's postings were so full of love for you, Trace. Since then you have described some very hard scenes.
    Master Ian will probably say if I do not like it, I do not have to read your blog, or he will finish it again.
    Of course, you both know best how far you can take it.

  2. It's difficult to describe the situations your Master puts you into without some considering it as complaining. I don't. Your Master is using you as he sees fit and you have submitted yourself to him. All of his previous writings attest to how much he cares for you.

  3. Hello. Back after a long might flight, even the bed and mattress they give you doesn't cure my inability to sleep in the air.
    I've just been catching up on the posts. I was sorry to read about the ending of the writing, then surprised to see it again. If you only do it once a week it is most welcome.
    What you've described sounds as if your relationships are going full circle, from the slave/object to Husband /lover and back again. Reading the blog from the beginning gives me that impression, but that's no criticism. I think that's how life works. Pleased that things are going well at the new house and everything is settling down. Giving you more time to be together in a meaningful way could be just what is needed to renew certain areas of your lives that may have been getting lss attention than they deserved lately. I'm sure you won't give the animals less time than they deserve, they sound like you are their entire world.