Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fuck on the Wool

The bare living room floor was covered with a twenty foot by thirty foot Royal Sarook carpet yesterday. It deep red lustrous wool  is an inch thick and densely knotted. My grandparents bought it in 1939 when they took a trip to the middle east to celebrate their honeymoon. It always looked stately laying over the wavy maple floors in the big parlor. I spent many hours lying on it while reading or studying.  I often untwisted the bouillon fringe on the sofa skirt and watch it spin back to it's original shape. No one used that room except me  or when my grandparents were entertaining.

It took six men to carry the carpet into the house from the truck. We unrolled a thick pad on the floor then unfolded the carpet and carefully positioning it before arranging the furniture on top of it. It was like having a part of my childhood memories with me again.

The guys all went into town for dinner while I finished bedding the animals for the night. I grabbed a handful of turkey and wrapped it around strips of Swiss cheese and threw a handful of spring greens into a bowl for my dinner then went to shower of the dust and animal hair. I laid on the carpet surrounded by six dogs, intending to turn the television on but fell asleep.

Master tied my hands behind my back while I was sleeping and brought me up to my knees and held me by my hips. While I  was still half asleep he slipped his cock inside of me and began to slowly fuck me. He slid in and out deliberately and carefully for a long time before he started to shudder and moan. He slowed his rhythm as his moans grew steadily louder. He dropped one hand from my hip and used it to grab my collar and slowly rammed his cock against my inner sphincter until he came deep into my gut. He hold me by my collar while gaining his breath, shutting off my breath until he slowly pulled out of me. He stuffed his shirt under my pelvis to avoid messing the carpet then collapsed on top of me, pushing me to the floor under him.

Like a newly wed, he picked me up and carried me up to our room and laid me on our bed.

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