Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Change of Plans

I made dinner this evening. I went into town and bought a big enameled cast iron pot, a bag of huge yellow onions, organic vegetable broth, Worcestershire sauce, fresh thyme, dry white wine, baguette and well aged gruyere cheese and made French Onion Soup. My no-longer secret ingredient is to use mushroom demi glaze to give the broth a more intense meaty flavor.  I was happily surprised by the selection in the local market when I found mushroom demi glaze and a really nice gruyere.

We were originally planning to fly home today but as usual plans are meant to be flexible. Master and I woke up to a chorus of barking dogs early this morning. They made a huge clatter as they pawed at the door. Christian loaded his SUV with Tommy, Buddha, Sancho, Pancho, Red and the puppy and drove them across a thousand miles of mountains. He also brought a few changes of clothes and my shit kickers.

The dogs knocked me down and kissed me from head to toe then went skittering around the hardwood floors inspecting the house.

We're staying in the new digs while Butch and the guys supervise the move from the ranch. The new owners are already taking over the vineyards and orchards.

To answer the question about acclimating the animals to the new home.  There is a barn made of logs and a stable. They both have heating units for emergencies but all of the animals originally came from cold climates.  The Lama and Alpaca are native to the Andes. The Cows form the highlands of Scotland. The horses are from Iceland, Reindeer from Nordic Countries.  The goats are fluffy and the geese will definitely know where to go in extreme cold and at night. The Great Pyrenees, with their great fluffy coats prefer the cold.  One of the reasons we're rushing the move is to allow all of us, people and animals to adjust to the climate as it changes for the winter.

I think you might be noticing that we're not talking about sex or kink these days. Rest assured, we're still getting nasty but we have decided to cool that conversation a little, especially with all that has been going on in our lives. We'll have a big party when all the toys arrive and we'll visit Denver as often as we visited Sam Francisco.  We're selling the San Francisco condo and buying a building in  Denver. This building is a big unfinished conversion from an industrial building with enough room and privacy to have a playroom.


  1. It's great to read about how the dogs greeted you, I bet they all felt the same sense of loss at your departure, not knowing how long you were gone for this time.

    I see the animals in general will probably like the Colorado climate better than the Californian one.

    You know, I think it's good to read about the domestic stuff. I know the blog is essentially, or at least originally, sex and kink but now it's grown into a diary of life as it's lived. I sometimes feel nosey and a bit guilty at wanting to know more about what you're all doing and how things are going but if you're comfortable writing I'm certainly comfortable reading.
    This is a journal, if there's kink and sex, fine. If not it's just as interesting. The new playroom building sounds exactly what we all dream about - well some of us.

  2. Dear Trace and Ian and the rest of the family,
    How very lucky you are! Very brave of Christian to travel that distance with 6 dogs by himself!

    I am so glad for you that you decided to stay in the new house. Maybe not going back to the ranch is actually good, a clean break. It sounds as if you made the right decision to move. I am amazed how you (Master Ian and you) managed to organise everything, buying a place in Denver as well! It sounds fantastic, too.
    It is really spooky, I was thinking the other day if you would keep the condo in SF, and then you mention it!
    It is also quite eery how the comments from slave express my thoughts.
    For your decision to make the blog more “vanilla”, well, it is up to you of course!
    Do you still use the email address mention in the blog last year or so? I sent a longer version of this comment there, it was a bit personal.
    Anyway, really happy everything is working out for you, and I look forward to hear how you are all settling in.

    1. David,
      You can email us directly at straghtjacket@gmail.com
      notice that there is no "I" in straghtjacket.

      It's not so much a clean break as it is a necessity to be here to direct the flow of "stuff" as it comes in. For instance: the Peruvian animals and goats arrive on Friday along with two more dogs.

      We moved quickly on the Denver building as soon as our realtor found it. There is already a business on the street level that has been leasing the space for several years. Competition is stiff for this kind of real estate.