Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Violent Lad -Revised

A knew a small boy who was a violent young lad. He was smaller than most of the boys in our school and he started out being the smartest of us all. Yes, he wore spectacles and we called him four-eyes. He smelled from not taking a bath and his tattered clothes were often than not, dirty. He was a friendless boy that was teased relentlessly for things that were beyond his control. Then one day he disappeared from our school and from the streets were he suffered ridicule and bullying. The only reason that anyone cared was because we had to find another victim to torment.

Years later he reappeared to me in the halls of the private military school where my parents stuck me to remove me from the bad crowd that I began to run with. He had changed and so had his name. He was Jim Jones and then he became James William Harriman because he was taken in by a relative on his mother's side and adopted. The names "Jones" was never spoken in the Harriman family after James's father murdered his mother. The old man never got tried for the crime because while he was passed out on the lounge floor, little Jimmy bashed his brains in with the very same wood base ball bat that the old man used to kill Jimmy's mother.

James had grown from his pixie sized self to a strong young man who was quiet and brooding. He was no more the boy we picked on in the primary grades. He was taller than most and had grown broad and confident under his cousin's treatments and gym practice. In fact, when James recognized me as one of his tormentors, he throttled me and nearly beat my face in with his fists.

"Hey Jimmy boy, you fuckin' changed yourself into a violent beast! I understand why you hate me and I'm sorry for treating you worse than shit. Good going ! I hope you got your revenge against me out of your way". I truly respected him after he punched me out and wanted to be his mate. It took a while but be warmed up to me and we eventually got close enough to be roomies and fuckmates.

Jimmy and I flipped to see who would fuck whom. I never admitted it then but I liked being his bitch.
James was well endowed (a bit like a horse). His uncut cock seemed to hang half way to his knees and his sack was even longer. It reminded me of  a saint surrounded by a soft fleshy halo. James knew exactly how to make that cock work for him and his pleasure while trashing my hole, VIOLENTLY!

And then, James went off to the US to attend MIT. He took his violence and his cock with him but brought it back to the UK for holidays with his family. James an I met for sex when he came home. It wasn't known for years but James had a fantasy that he's been hunting down all of his primary school tormentors and beating them to death with the same baseball bat that he used to kill his father. Both boys and girls, he tied them up, fucked them then beat them until their faces were unrecognizable. Of course, he caught himself in the depth of his anger and need for revenge and talked it away with the psychiatrist who had been treating him ever since the day that his fear and anger caused him to snap and defend himself from the violence that he grew up with.

Jimmy eventually joined my gang. The would be thugs with the shaved heads embraced him and gave him a permanent "band of brothers".

I think that we gave him a family that would support him and keep him safe and sane enough to keep him from acting out his fantasy of revenge.

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  1. On another topic...
    As of June 26, 2015, gay marriage is legal in ALL US states.
    Britain is excited for you ( well, a show called "The Last Leg" on Channel 4 is).