Friday, May 22, 2015

The Journey

I can watch the boy move, almost in real time. I know he is doing well.

There is much ado here on the Ranch. We all have busy hands, tired backs and we're sleepless. The animals are all whelping at the same time. We've had a vet here for the past 24 hours. We have three Alpaca Cria and one Lama Cria. Helga, one of the mares gave birth to a foul that I named Krista. One of the cows also looks heavy. We do things the natural way here and allow calves to bond with the mothers.

The dogs that prefer living outdoors are doing fine. Tommy is obviously lost without his boy, I think Buddha is a little mournful too. Sancho and Pancha run to the door when they hear a vehicle start up the hill.

I think boy would love to have been here for the births but he is where he needs to be.

My right arm is getting a workout in the boy's absence.

1 comment:

  1. It sounds as if you don't have too much time for a rest at the moment. Good to know the animals are doing well though, by the way things are going you'll need extra barns soon.

    I can well imagine the dogs missing their boy. It'll be such a welcome when he gets back.

    Hope the right arm lasts the course.