Friday, October 30, 2015

Trace's Return

Trace woke me up on three consecutive nights. Each time, he asked me if I heard "something" that woke him up. I didn't hear anything but the dogs restlessly moving in their sleep. The Tibetan woke slightly let out a deep partially formed "woof" and then went back to sleep. We're accustomed to them making sleeping dog noises. Tommy lays restlessly at our feet, away of boy's every move.

We sleep nude in a cool room covered with blankets and comforter.

The third night was especially odd. Trace was looking out the window when he asked if I heard the noise. He said it was like a very low pitch whirring in the far distance. I didn't hear anything and on top of that none of the dogs seemed alerted by anything.

Tommy woke me up early the next morning. He was adamant about getting me to follow him to the deck door which was thrown wide open. It's usually the boy who attends to him. I thought that perhaps the boy went outside and accidently left the door. I looked out on the deck for him but he wasn't there. I got myself dressed and went outside to find him. by that time the dogs were outside looking for him. He was no where to be found. He was no where in the house. I woke up the other guys to help me look for him. He is a sleep walk and sometimes sleep runner. I called up the GPS monitor to track him but it could not locate him. He was no where to be found.

We called the Sherriff. We looked for him for two days before calling in the Federal Authorities. There was an all out search. The Feds eventually told us to keep looking but keep our search quiet. (odd?) We kept up our search with the help of authorities. We wanted to publicize the search and get locals to help comb the mountains and forests. A few people went out but the authorities called them in.

It could have been a high profile case but his disappearance was kept quiet except for telling close friends who came to help us.

It was a bout 6:am when the dogs started clamoring. The went outside via the dog door in the lower level. They ran out toward the fields where there are no fences. Trace was walking up the side of the mountain toward the house. He was naked and cold. He walked briskly surrounded by the dogs. I ran out to get him and bring him inside. He was cheerful and lucid, as if he had just stepped outside. He was unaware that he had gone missing for nearly a month.

To all concerned, Trace is home and healthy.

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  1. Good to read that all is well (again).
    To be honest, when I read this first yesterday, I thought his is so science fiction, really? But why would you make something like this up. And you live in Colorado, not New Mexico.

    You must have gone through hell. Al the best wishes, Silke