Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Th PlaySpace at the Ranch and Games We Play

We have a large post and beam building adjacent to the animal barn. It is our main play space with the larger equipment. The ceilings are high enough so that I can swing a 12 foot whip.  The sitting room off our bedroom was converted to a private play space. Boy's uncle built another "party" room off the wine cellar with spaces for tables and chairs. We removed the furniture and added locking steel doors to two spaces and insulated the third space for sound and installed a heavy wooden door. The space in deafening in it's quiet. The insulated room is where boy rides out a migraine. We also play outside among oak trees when weather permits.

Our toy collection grows but I think we have enough for now. At least we have enough big toys.

My boy is all tied up this morning in coils of black rope. I added a silicone plug under his Carrara for his further discomfort..

The following is brazenly stolen from my favorite site
Visit his site often!

Idea for a bondage game

Part One: Prisoner rolls one die, with the result of the roll to be as follows:
  • Prisoner rolls a 1, his hands are cuffed behind back with a chain running from metal collar to cuffs, and he is locked in a cage or isolation cell.
  • Prisoner rolls a 2, his neck is locked to ring in floor with 3 feet of slack.
  • Prisoner rolls a 3, his neck is locked to ring in floor with 3 feet of slack and hands are cuffed behind back.
  • Prisoner rolls a 4, his neck is bolted to ring in the floor with no slack.
  • Prisoner rolls a 5, his neck is bolted to ring in the floor with no slack and his hands are cuffed behind.
  • Prisoner rolls a 6, his neck is bolted to ring in the floor and his wrists/ankles are spread eagle, with prisoner on his back.

Part Two, after Prisoner’s bondage is determined with the first roll, prisoner is restrained and then the Captor rolls TWO dice, with the results as follows:
  • Total number on both dice equals the number of hours the prisoner stays in the bondage.
  • If prisoner rolls a double (i.e. two 2’s or two 5’s) the total number of hours is doubled. For example, if prisoner rolls two 4’s, he spends 16 hours in the bondage (4 plus 4 is 8 hours, which is doubled to 16).
  • Prisoner will therefore be subjected to a minimum of three hours (if he rolls a 1 and a 2) to a maximum of 24 hours (if he rolls two 6’s) in bondage.

Part Three, interpretation of rules and consequences
  • If prisoner complains or asks for early release, he forfeits all rights to release from the bondage and captors may extend imprisonment time and/or increase the severity of the bondage, at their discretion.
  • There is only one way for the prisoner to get out early, and that is for the prisoner to convince the captor or another person to change positions with him and become prisoner.
  • If that happens the new captor rolls two dice, which determine the sentence for the new prisoner, which is an additional 3 to 24 hours.

Another game that we play

His Spin of the wheel earned him 32 days of lock-up. That added to over a week locked already is a good start toward total frustration.

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  1. You must describe some of the rope art that you learned about when you have time. For now though I think just getting back into the swing of things will be what you want to do - although from the above it seems you already have. Enjoy.