Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Going Home

It is 6:35 am. I am wide awake and in my street clothes waiting for Master to awaken. It feels like the day before tomorrow and I am ready to fly. It wasn't my idea to go home early but I am glad Master made the decision to send me. I definitely would prefer it for him to come home with me and yet I understand why he is staying and that it will benefit not just the two of us. It will benefit anyone who is interested in learning from him.

Forgive me if I am babbling.

I have been naked most of the time over the past week. I've had iron restrains attached to my ankles and wrists unless Master wanted them off so nothing got in the way of his rope practice. I've gotten used to them and feel something is missing now that they are off.  The driver is taking me into Munich to catch a commercial flight to Montreal and then a private flight home.

I need to wake Master so we can have breakfast together before I go.

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