Thursday, April 2, 2015

Like We've Been Saying All Along - Discrimination is Rooted In Ignorance


March 30, 2015

Indiana Governor Stunned By How Many People Seem to Have Gay Friends


INDIANAPOLIS (The Borowitz Report)—Indiana Governor Mike Pence is “stunned and amazed” that so many people appear to have gay friends, Pence has confirmed. Speaking to reporters in his office in Indianapolis, Pence said that he made the astonishing discovery about gay friends late last week.
“You could be walking down the street, and without you knowing it, this person is friends with gays and that person is, too,” he said. “It really seems to be pretty widespread.”
“It’s the darnedest thing,” he added.
While Pence acknowledged that he has “no gay friends personally,” the growing popularity of being friends with gays has made him question whether he has been “missing the boat on this.
“When I see so many people having gay friends, it makes me wonder if I should go out and get one,” he said. “But I guess that would be kind of hard for me to do now.”
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Pence and his cronies are FUCKING IDIOTS!  He probably has Gay people "touching" him through out his entire life and is too stupid to know it!


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