Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ass Whoopin"

boy was laying hal awake on the bed. I was up hanging up my suit and trousers that I wore the day before. The boy heard me draw the belt from the trousers and kicked off the sheets and spread his arms and legs. He wanted the belt and the sting badly. I obliged of course.

I heard a gentle knock at the door and quietly opened it. The Master of the Chateau stood in the hall with a big smaile on his face.

"Good Morning, I trust you are emjoying yourselves".
He came to talk to us while my boy and I were together. It was a casual conversation about life in general, the business of keeping Christian with us at home and the direction that we are taking in our relationship. He added that we should be sure to utilize the staff if we need advice or help and that we should be visiting the Chateau more often since we are paying our membership annually.

I began giving the boy a good welting and invited The Master to join in. He drew his belt from his slacks and joined me. We double teamed the boy, one from each side of the bed. Boy went nuts. He starting humping the bed. I told him not to cum. He howled more and begged us to "do it right", which got him into trouble. We knew his game. We stopped and I ordered him to get on his knees. I forced him to kneel on the studded belt that I wear in my jeans. I forced him to stay while I cleaned up for breakfast. He struggled to hold his tears back.

I beat the boys back with my belt and then sent him to clean himself up and go to the dungeon to begin his day.

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  1. Wasn't there a Japanese torture during WWll that involved kneeling on small pieces of grit. No wonder the tears nearly came. Mind you, I'm smiling as I write, envisaging your scene.

    I hope the discussion with the Chateau Master went well, I presume Christian is permanent staff at the ranch now rather than simply long term loan from the Chateau.
    It's good to keep links going, although as relationships develop and change so do your needs and wants, but it's always sensible to consider the wider picture and decide about things as you go - as you do in fact.