Monday, April 6, 2015

The Club
Offensive or not, I couldn't resist reposting this
work of art.
Slave is thinking about home. He misses the menagerie and his barely used new studio. We'll be staying here for another two weeks because there is much to learn that will enhance our lives. He's still in bed, buried under mounds of pillows and sheets. I've opened a window to let cool air into the room.
I'm restless and very horny but I won't disturb my object because he may still be in the throws of his migraine. NOW, if he were truly an object, I wouldn't care how he feels. I would fuck him regardless, right? I can't do that sort of thing to him the way I could when we first met.

1 comment:

  1. Some might take offence but then some take offence at anything they don't agree with.

    You know, I have sympathy for him. I have been wondering how much he was missing the animals and even how much they were missing him. It's the life he has created - with you - that was simply not there when it should have been, during his younger years. Family First will be his motto for ever I feel.

    Being an object. yes, I suppose in theory that would be the way things went. I don't think love comes into that though does it? We're all grounded by our feelings at times, probably for the best.