Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fuck This!

I really don't have much to say.

I get up early and go out to work in the barn with the animals. The Alpaca and Lama are going to sheered tomorrow. I'm going to work with the team that is coming to do the work so that I can learn more about doing it.  I also will be there to make sure the fur children aren't treated badly. I'm paying the guys to take time to do it gently.

I work in the studio all afternoon and come in to the house feeling tired instead of energized by my work. I think I really miss Master and feeling a bit depressed.  Tommy and Buddha climb onto the bed with me. Tommy lays facing me all night and grumbles when I move. I got up very early Saturday because I wanted a bowl of Butternut Quash soup. I made an entire pot from scratch but I used too much celery or maybe the celery was bitter. The soup tasted bitter instead of creamy and sweet. I cleaned up my mess and went to bed, leaving a note for Tony asking him if he could fix it.

This Chastity belt is killing me. I can't get hard and when my cock tries to shrink, the barbell going through my Apadrahvya keeps me from shrinking. Fuck This! What started as pleasure has become agony. There is nothing to be done.

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