Monday, April 20, 2015


Master Ian comes home today, in a matter of hours.

Ray dropped the new toy off early this morning. He insisted on doing a "fitting" so in I go. It's essentially a small iron box. The bottom, back, left side and top are permanently welded and reinforced now. I slid into to the box and Ray clamped my neck, above my hips and upper arms inside the box. He pulled a hinged steel bar up between my legs with cuff attached to it the pulled my wrists forward and locked them in the cuffs, He clamped my left ankle to the side of the box then positioned the right side of the box and fastened it to the rest od the box. He clamped my right ankle to that then position the front wall and fastened it to the  box. I was jammed and locked inside the box. There is a sliding observation window in the front wall. Holes allow the top to peer inside and gives the captive limited ability to view outside the box. With the window cover on, there is nothing but darkness.

Bind in self bondage that goes wrong. I'd bet anything that it is intentional.
I love self bondage because I intentionally get myself into situations that I can't get out of so I am stuck until Master (or someone) finds me. I've been stuck for hours on occasion. Sometimes I am discovered and left other times discovered and tortured.

This picture has been around a while.I've been bound like this for hours while Master relaxes.
I like it when He smokes a cigar when I am bound and "Ignored".I think this picture is where He got the idea to do this to me.

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  1. That box sounds a bit like your chest you had made like the BOX story one. I bet you'd get pretty warm in there if left out in the sun. It sounds like you are able to overcome your claustrophobia quite well these days or is that more about being in crowds?

    I think "discovered and tortured" is far more entertaining for both parties than simply being discovered and ignored. Bit like a proper ending to a story, you feel satisfied somehow. I hope Ian's journey was Ok in the end - or did he fly United:)