Friday, April 10, 2015


First, an answer to questions. The barbell through the Apadrahvya was enough metal to set off the alarm.  Munich is ten hours ahead of California (I think).

Anyone who knows me or who reads my blog knows that I am in some sort of chastity device often.
Sometimes for weeks and sometimes for days or hours. It started as an interest that grew into a full-blown fetish. Now my interest ranges between full-blown fetish, a matter of fact and a dreaded inconvenience. It's like chocolate, a little is good but too much and I loose my taste for it for months.
It is an inconvenience right now to be locked but I have no choice in the matter. Such things and decisions about them were given to Master a long time ago. My greatest pleasure in that I have a Master who ultimately controls my life.

I drove up to Ray's workshop this morning for a fitting and to collect the chastity devices that he modified to utilize my Apadrahvya for anchoring my cock in them. He is always happy to make me suffer and I am eager to protest. It's a relationship of Sado-top and Bad boy that we play at. Except for not being allowed to cuss in our play (Master's Command), we are verbal with each other. I get to complain because unlike Master, Ray enjoys it.

Ray strung me up outside between two trees, in the cold, and flogged my back. I complained even though I was nearly comatose with the pleasure he was giving me. He was under a time constraint so that flogging last just long enough to frustrate me by making me want more.

He measured me for the new toy that he and Master designed. I crawled into a smallish iron box that I struggled to fit in. Rays fiddled with iron straps and an Allen Wrench until I was partially immobilized inside the box. One of the straps had a rounded perpendicular piece that fit into my mouth, holding my tongue flat in the bottom of my mouth. That wasn't exactly fun, in fact, I thought it was a bit scary. He made a bunch of marks around me with a magic marker then helped me sit up and crawl out of the box.

From that measuring session he moved over to a work table to get my Carrara chastity device. I started to put it on. Ray stopped me so that he could fit a stainless steel pin through one side of the cock tube. My cock was in it's normal flaccid state, allowing Ray to easily find my Apadrahvya. He treaded the pin through it and out the opposite side of the tube. He placed a small stainless steel lock through a hole in the end of the pin and locked it. I finished fastening the chastity belt and he checked to make sure it was locked. He put the keys in a small box and sealed it with a numbered tag that some people use to lock their plastic devices when the travel. He told me to give it to Christopher when I get home.

I know that all this padlocked piercing shit is sort of my idea. I think bondage is always better when locks are involved. That's why I like locks on straightjacket straps. It all seems redundant sometimes.
Too much bondage is never too much.


  1. Hi there Again
    First just a comment I love the blog but is LAZY to respond and leave a frequent comment.
    Today You said two things that is very true to me also. Chastity to me also started as a an interest, and I introduced it to my Master then, when I gave Him my keys as a token of my devotion to Him. (at the time He had no knowledge about male chastity and had to be Trained a bit )
    Today I am locked sometimes for several months at a time.

    The other thing I also agree with and love a lot is the use of locks in bondage, and agree Bondage can never be too much.

    You guys must have a great day and week coming,

  2. I would say that you have some tight times ahead by the sound of your "box" description. That metal tongue is a bit like a scold's bridle isn't it? Should shut you up for a while.
    The chocolate analogy is a good one too, trouble with me is that "I want it when I want it" which isn't so much of a problem with chocs, Locked chastity becomes more serious. It becomes a mental bondage that can be a lot harder to come to terms with than rope or straps.
    I think it's Metalbond who always says that if there's no padlock it's not bondage. I agree with all of you there.

    I hope Ian is getting on ok, I often think of the subject he's practising on, bit like the car thinks when the learner driver gets in :)

  3. Away fro a few days here so won't write till later in the week. Enjoy the Carrara :)