Sunday, April 19, 2015

I'm Hardly Awake Today

It feels like a dog day of August for me today. Everything I do seems to take more effort that usually. I slept through my 6:AM internal alarm and slept until 9:20 Am when Tony came into the room and shook me out of bed. Without realizing it. I went to the breakfast table without putting any clothing on. I cleaned up after breakfast so Tony and his love could go off and spend the day together. It took discipline to clean and more time than is reasonable. I went shopping for a while but went home because decisions were too hard to make. I'm just sitting here, my brain turns off and on and I fall asleep mid-keystroke. I'd go to bed but it seems like too much effort.

Master starts his trip home in a few hours. He's flying commercial and he's already complaining about how terrible the flight is. He said that he wants both of us to get pilot license's so we can fly ourselves around. Hmmm.


  1. You'll probably get no sleep for a while when Ian arrives so make the most of it now:)

    Pilots license, well I can do a microlite but I doubt if that'll get you transatlantic.

  2. Sleeping like that every now and then can be very relaxing.

    I have a pilot's license and they can be a lot of fun, but to get to the size of a plane that goes safely across the ocean takes a lot of time and money. First class tickets will still be less expensive.