Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It Is The Little Things

A child was bouncing a red rubber ball down the hotel hallway as I stepped out of our room to find the butler. That red rubber ball turned me on.

Master belt was laying across the bed while he was in the shower. How I longed to have it caress my butt and back.

The tasseled cord that hangs from a piece of art on the wall.

The sight of water pouring over Master's shoulder, down his chest and his abs, partially running from the end of his swollen cock.


I'm really sorry guys, I'm lousy with the camera. I get so involved in the moment that I forget to take pictures.  I have a few that I promise to post when I get home.


  1. No worries. It's your holiday not a travel show. Enjoy. If there are pics at the end it'll be great to see some, if not, well we'll live.
    BTW I'm off tomorrow for 2 or 3 weeks trying to get back into some mountain climbing so won't be replying. I'll be back to catch up in July sometime. Keep safe and well both of you. t

  2. With the pocket automatic cameras the most important thing, as always, is where to point the camera and wen to push the button. I share your delight in the little things and have carried a camera in my pocket to capture and share images wit friends. Cell phone can do do as well. I think it a blessing to see the rich detail of existence,