Thursday, June 19, 2014


We went to the mountains to visit the Miho today. The roads leading into the forests were breathtaking. The museum was crowded with western as well as Japanese tourists.

I love Japanese food, now that I've tried a few things that I was afraid of but I still stick to mostly vegetables and noodles. I'm just not a fan of rice unless it's mixed into something.  I had Udon noodles with vegetable broth, garlic chive flowers and boiled egg for breakfast this morning, Ramen noodles with chicken and vegetables at mid-day.  The ramen cooks make the noodles by hand. They are definitely different than the stuff we have in the U.S. The broth that they make is a matter of pride and the chefs who specialize in ramen compete with each other.

I hate sushi because of the texture of the Nori and rice but I love sashimi.

We're having some bondage fun over the weekend with a doctor who specialized in medical "torture" scenes. We invited him to dine with us in the hotel and then had a drink in our suite. He's an interesting mad who has had body completely covered with tattoo except from the neck up, below the wrists and below the ankles. He is very circumspect about exposing them or showing them off. I wouldn't have seen them either except that he and Master used my holes for a while.

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