Sunday, June 8, 2014

On The Road to Dharamshala

We debated on whether to drive or fly to Dharamshala. It is about a twenty four hour drive to Himachal, Pradesh which is in Dharamshala India. We decided to keep our driver and make the trip by car. It is the best way to see the country. We're leaving the hotel this afternoon.

My guess is that I won't be writing in my blog for several days.

I am deeply, almost gut-sick with horniness.

Master has been letting his hair and beard grow while we've been traveling. I wanted to do the same but he won't have it.

He doesn't loosen his grip on me at all, even while traveling. He tells me when and what I can have or do. It was a minor thing but I wanted to pick up some goofy beads to bring home. I really wanted them at the time but he stopped me. "You don't need to bring that crap home."  I felt insulted and a little pissed with him.  The little kid in me threw an internal tantrum that I would never dare to express to Master. I think he denied me just because he could.  But then, I saw some tribal silver and coral pieces that I thought would look good in frames. He offered to buy me several pieces. I took one ornate antique piece.

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