Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mind Reading

It seems sometimes that Master is able to read my mind, especially when it comes to sex and play.

One afternoon while working in my studio, I had a sudden urge for Master to strap me down very tightly on the Australian whipping and gag me so that communicating would be painful beside entirely useless. I thought I would like to be left for a long period of time to die the thousand deaths, wondering how intense the session would get and building fearful anticipation and regret for consenting to the coming punishment. My desire slid into the pit of my stomach because I knew that if I could think it that Master would eventually do it.

I laid a strip of Prussian Blue on my palette and began to mix it with another shade of blue when Master appeared from behind the canvas. He told me to clean up and meet him in the dungeon. I did as he ordered and the crossed the drive in the rain to meet him. He stood looking stern and irked that I had taken so long. He grabbed my nipples and lifted me off the ground by them. "When I tell you to meet me somewhere I don't want any dallying, do you understand?"

Master strapped me to the bench, stretching me and tightening and retightening straps until the position became almost intolerable and the straps felt like they would cut into my flesh. He gagged me with what looks like a ball gag from the outside but has a pecker gag pushing to the back of the throat. Everything went as I fantasized in my momentary day dream. Master fucked me and cum dumped in my ass the pulled out and let it dribble down the inside of my legs.

Master pulled his belt from the loops of his jeans and folded it over. He showed it to me and told me to smell it. "It smells like leather and your blood, doesn't it boy!" He pulled it away from my nose and raised it in the air above his head and swung full arm, sending it crashing down on my butt. Beatings like this are hellish, they are given for no other reason than for his own pleasure. He beats me and then fucks me then beats me more. In the end, when the endorphins are beginning to subside, the beatings are gratifying. Tear stains show Master that he has worked his magic. The hugs and kisses once I am released are proof  that I am thankful that I belong to him.

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  1. That's some mind reading. If only all our daydreams could be realised like that, or perhaps it's better that some of them aren't. It could get very very painful a b it too often.
    Mind you it sounds as if after the tears you get the best treatment. Can't wish for more.