Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Very Diobedient and Well Punished

The boys managed to get themselves in trouble down in the dungeon yesterday.

Much of the time, slaves are held in a long hallway-like room, usually with no restraints except a heavy steel collar locked around their necks that is connected to the wall. There is usually enough length to allow the slaves to lay down (unless they are being mildly punished). Our slaves were chained next to each other with enough leeway make almost full body contact with each other. On one hand, it was nice for them to be close to each other, on the other hand, it allowed room for them fill each other's holes with cum, repeatedly!

The boys don't have much opportunity to fuck each other at home except when they are targets of family gang bangs because they are both locked in chastity belts almost 24/7. The belts were removed for their stay in the Chateau dungeon so as far as they were concerned there was no reason not to take advantage of the situation.

The guards walked in on them while they were fucking and promptly separated them and then reported the incident to the Chateau Master. Butch and I thought it was funny although slightly embarrassing for our slaves to tumble with each other. They had to be punished so this is what happened.

They boys came in front of the Chateau Master, Butch and me for an inquiry. The Chateau Master found through a very willing confession that they had been having sex when ever the guards were not directly observing them. So what to do?

They boys were sentenced to 30 lashings with a leather flogger that were to be administered by each other. They were warned that holding back and not giving a proper punishment would result in another 30 lashings by their owners. The punishments were given this morning.

The boys made a pact. Apparently, Trace told Daniel try to draw blood, Daniel agreed and told Trace to do the same. They have done this in play. It's a contest to see who can get the other to give in and ask the other to stop. They have gotten horribly vicious with each other. That was before Butch and I came into their lives.

Trace took his lashings first. Dan immediately tore into him, back, legs, chest and the crack of Trace's ass. Butch had no idea what to expect, especially from Dan who appears to be docile. My slave very quickly turned into a mass of welts and bloody hash marks. Trace did the same to Dan except that he stopped to give Dan a sloppy kiss and a swat to Dan's balls, which earned Trace an additional punishment consisting of ten swats to the balls given with small leather strap by one of the guards.

It was great to know that the slaves get into each other as much as they do,

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  1. And I suppose neither of you wore a smile when you watched all this? Just like I wouldn't .....not:) Great to see you all enjoying the European air.