Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tight, Tight, Tight!

New hood?

Master had a hood that I have never seen before. It smelled like new leather. He pulled it over my head. It was already a tight fit. Master slowly laced it, pulling each lace tightly and pulling the zipper over the laces. He had to re-tighten the laces at times to get the zipper closed. The hood was tight. It felt like something that had shrunken over my head. There were holes at the nostrils that were my only possibility for breath but as Master demonstrated, they could easily be blocked. The entire hood was coated with a rubber material that sealed all the seams. I might have panicked if it was anyone but Master using it to torture me.

He tied me in a chair that he set in the Greatroom. I was next to the television where he could watch me while reading a book that enthralled him.

1 comment:

  1. Ah yes, the tight leather hood, one of THE most erotic sensations I can think of. True, I also get the edge of panic when I feel its form enclosing every part of my face and need to be reassured out of it but the effect it has on the cock outweighs that several times. Enjoy.