Thursday, December 12, 2013


We woke and I my first drink of the day as usual. Master frog tied me on a cocktails table and stuck his whole engorged cock up my ass. He brutally fucked me while blocking my breath with a hand over my mouth and nose. I came without permission. It escaped from my body like run away cattle breaking through their pen. Master drew his belt from his jeans and tore into my backside before fucking me again. I felt so grateful that I had difficulty expressing myself to Master.

We stopped at Arches this morning. They were kind enough to give us a short tour of the facility where they make watercolor paper and blocks. We took a plant superintendent for lunch before heading for the insanity of the streets of Paris.

We have a room at the Westin-Vendome with a view of the Eifel Tower. It's in the middle of everything. We walked to Le P'tit Troquet for dinner then came back to the hotel.

Its 3AM and I am all jazzed up after the drive and being cooped up in the car. I'd love to go outside for a walk but it's cold and damp. I guess I'll go back to bed.

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