Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Yesterday was a nightmare. It left me feeling out of whack and in pain. I've done almost nothing today except soak in a hot tube and have a massage from a bulgy guy in white shirt and slacks wearing white shoes with pink rubber soles.

My body weight hanging unevenly from one leg for several hours has pulled muscles the cause pain in my left leg, hips and lower back.

The hotel linens are actually linen with a down comforter. The pillows are linen covered and overstuffed with down the crackles under the weight of my head.  Every thing on TV is in French so I understand about half of what is being said. We Americans are so illiterate sometimes.

Master got tired of doing nothing so he went out on his own. I can tell that he's pissed at himself for my situation but he will never tell me that.  Master's Privilege is to do as they want with their property. We discussed it and I let him know how I feel about it. Enough said. I would never do anything to undermine his position in our relationship but he said he would never bring me to a woman again.

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  1. Muscle pain can be debilitating, nothing shows but the pain's still there. Hope you feel better soon.
    As you wrote - enough said.