Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Everything sucks today and a story about self-bondage

Our plane was late leaving from San Francisco, late leaving from Atlanta and we're still over the ocean. I'm about to kick back and fall asleep for the rest of the trip.  We're in seats that are like cubicles so there is a fair amount of room to lay back, work or whatever.

I'm glad I bought a new tablet with a keyboard. I like it a lot better than my IPad. I was getting sick of Apples proprietary systems.

Anyway, I wrote about an incident that happened several years ago.  I hope you enjoy it.

Self-Bondage for Max

Max had been my chaperone from the time that I was a kindergartener.  My grandparents hired him to keep my mother from abducting me and because I was the kind of kid who wandered whenever the grown-ups weren’t watching me.  Max took care of me while I went to college and he was my companion after my grandparents passed away.  Max was like a father, older brother and best friend to me as well as a mentor in many ways. By the time I was in high school, I knew that Max was gay and I started to feel that I was too. At least I was ambiguous about sex. I loved seeing Max nude whenever I could catch a glimpse of him but always hid my excitement.  We shared the third floor of my grandparent’s house where there was two bedrooms, a large bathroom with a sauna and a game room where I spent much of my childhood playing.

After sharing a house in New York for a while, I started to become sexually aggressive, in terms of experimentation and exploration. Max was always circumspect and hid his sex if he had any at all besides a porn video and his right hand. He never approached or touched me sexually during my entire life with him until I approached him.

I studying for my Masters and had group project meetings on Thursday evening. This was one of the evenings that I was supposed to be on campus but the meeting was cancelled just before the Holidays. I decided to go out bar hopping, hoping to find someone to fuck and fuck me.  I ran into Max in a leather bar. He was astonished and embarrassed.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.
“Ahhhh, probably the same thing that you’re doing”.
He said that he never knew I had any leather. He’d never seen me wear it. I told him it was new and said that I had seen him in his jacket and thought it was hot.

The rest is history but we became lovers of a sort. He felt awkward about it because everything he had was earned working for my family, more specifically because of me.

We were lovers and fuck buddies from that point on and began a collection of BDSM toys that he used on me. I grew up taking his directions so it seemed normal to have him dominate me sexually.

He worked outside of the house five days a week as a trainer at a nearby gym. I was always home well before he got home. One day I decided to do a little self-bondage to surprise him. I tied my ankles to an old library chair. Tied my ass to the chair with a plug stuck in it and tied my chest to the back of the chair with another hunk of rope. I gagged myself with penis gag.  I waited until the moment near the time he usually gets home to snap a pair of clamps on my tits and lock the free end from the two sets that I double locked around my wrists to the back chair legs, just below that seat.  I was well stuck with no way of freeing myself.
Max came though the kitchen door to find me in the middle of the room. He laughed at my predicament. He tweaked the clamps on my tits and rotated them so they were clamped vertically instead of horizontally. The intensity of the pain made my cock go from half-mast to granite hard. He picked the keys up from the floor where I dropped them and put them in his pocket then popped a cap from a cold bear and went into the living room sit relax in front of the TV. I was frustrated and somehow grateful that he left me there until he decided it was time to go to bed. I think the clamps were on my tits from about 6:PM until after 11:PM. That was the worst part. I could swear the clamps were piercing me.

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  1. I love it when the clamps are turned about every twenty minutes. I can stand it for a couple of hours, after that I yell out - that is if anyone is in a listening mood! Normally that just makes things last longer.