Friday, December 27, 2013

The Box and Rubber from Europe

The box was delivered by the cabinet maker this morning and Fed-Ex delivered the rubber that we bought in Europe.  I'm getting excited about the prospect of being shut away in it while at the same time feeling dread about how long Master will decide to keep me in it.  The box it quite nicely made of oak that goes with the architecture throughout the house. The lock is a single puzzle lock that looks like it was crafted in Japan during the Edo Period.  The wood is waxed and polished.  There is no external suggestion of what the box is used for.  It could be a pedestal for a large sculpture. The box stands under the middle gallery sky light.

Master had me strapped into the iron frame in front of the desk in his office for most of the day. I was gagged with a ball gag head harness. Master snapped a pair of Japanese Clover Clamps on my tits and left them there most of the day.  He removed them occasionally to change directions or roll my tits between his fingers.

Not me but this is a picture of the chastity belt that I normally wear.

A gratuitous picture of a naked artist.  I like to work in my studio in the nude.
but if this were me you would see my collar all of the time.
Pictures were found on Tumblr


  1. I read that Box story too, I can feel my temperature rising in excitement just thinking about it so can just imagine what you're feeling. I'll know when you stop writing and think of you strapped inside it. I think I'd be feeling a bit of dread as well. Mind you, the rubber sounds as if it will make it all worthwhile:) Glad you had a good Christmas together.

  2. I made a 'boy box' for a past Dom friend that looked like an innocent, upholstered bench. He kept it at the foot of his bed. The longest I spent in it was overnight. it sounds like your box stands upright? Love to see a pic of it!