Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A day in Strassbourg

I never fell asleep after my last entry. I climbed back under Master's arm, facing him. I could feel his breath on my forehead. The smell of cigar on his breath is gone. Sometimes it feels unbelievable to have a man who is so able to control me in so many ways that make me soar.

The sun woke Master. He squeezed me like I was his Teddy Bear. He climbed on top me and sat on my chest, pinning my arms to my side. He sent a controlled stream of piss into my mouth. I sucked on his cock as if it was a long nipple.

We had brunch out and visit a museum then walked the rest of the afternoon. Strasbourg is a very old city filled with beautiful architecture. Walking is always the best way to get the real feel of a city. Getting lost can help you find the most interesting places. If you want a refreshing, beautiful and historic destination in Europe, put Strasbourg on your list of places to get lost in. I'd like to have a home here.

We dined at Aux Mille Pates. It's owned by British people.  All I can say is YUM! I want to go again.

It's bed time in Alsace. 

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