Sunday, December 1, 2013

All is quiet on the home front!

We took our quests back to San Francisco yesterday. Butch and Dan are home taking care of things. 

We had fun yesterday. Master slit openings in the pockets in one of my jackets. He locked cuffs with a belly chain on me then locked my hands in the cuffs so they were hidden in my pockets. I was restrained all day while in public. I couldn't do anything for myself. Master unlocked the cuffs during dinner but that was it. I was his obfuscated prisoner other than that. Have you ever tried opening a door for another person while your hands were locked in your pocket?

We watched a movie on HULU last night called: The Butch Factor, What Kind of Man Are You, by Christopher Hines.  It was an excellent look at different ways of being gay.  Something that I found important after having non-gay people in the house was that I felt that I was uncomfortable with people who are not gay.  I think I am losing my ability to relate comfortably with the other 90%.
Watch the movie!  I also have a problem when it comes to effeminate men.

When I was about 13, I had a friend named Frankie who was effeminate, I thought it was an affectation. I acted like him at home a couple times. My cousin told me to never act that way if I wanted to have any friends. It stopped immediately and resumed my normal way of expressing myself. I never understood why guys acted that way. It finally got through to me during the movie. They have no more choice than I have being gay.

Now I admire the strength and courage these men have for being themselves in the face of unfathomable cruelty that they live with every day.

We relaxed with the whole family in the family room last night. I finally got some serious floor time at Master's feet after more that a week without the privilege. My hands were still locked in the transport cuffs. We had popcorn. I ate it doggy style and the dogs cleaned up after me.  I slept in restraints last night and woke up with a mouth full of piss and cum this morning.

We're packing tomorrow for the trip. I'm bringing my Samsung Tablet so I can keep up with things when we're not to busy.

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  1. I just ran across this blog today and had some time to read back a couple of months-I'm impressed by your excellent writing and you give me some hope that I will find myself in the same situation you are in today. Bound at my Master's feet with his piss, cum and spit inside of me. You just made a new fan-keep writing!