Sunday, December 15, 2013

All tied up!

My morning duties pleasurable complete. Master tied by legs in a frog tie with my arms bound high up my back. He laid my waist over a pillow and spent himself up my ass. He left me bound while he showered a dressed then untied me. He tied me spread eagle on my back, covered me with a blanket. He left me there while he went out.

The sun had set before he returned. He untied me and sent me to shower. He joined me and had his way with my ass again.

"I was so fucking hot all day just thinking about you laying helpless up here in the room".

We dressed and went out to have a salad for dinner. We had baby greens with Roquefort, sliced radishes with fruit crisps.  It was so simple and somehow orgasmic in it's flavor combinations. It was my only meal of the day. We sipped pear brandy for dessert.

Master told me that he knows a dominatrix that would like to meet me. I sighed and rolled my eyes, feeling despair. Ick! Is all that I would like to say. We're going to see her tomorrow. I feel like running.

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