Monday, December 2, 2013

The MAN of my DREAMS

I saw the man of my dreams today.  He is well over six feet tall. His shoulders are wide and well muscled, his waist narrow with rippling abs and his thighs bulging. He wore black spandex briefs that fit like a second skin over his round ass and bulging basket. He has a fresh tattoo winding from just above his wrists to his elbow. He wore a red wool baseball cap and leather wristband around his un-tattooed wrist. His hair was short with a slight military style cropping.  I gasped at this man's perfection.

It is my Master.

I slept in leather restraints last night. A strap around my chest held my upper arms tightly against my upper body. Another strap around the waist held my arms just below the elbow and thigh straps held my wrists. A strap held my knees together and another strap fastened my ankles together. I wore a blindfold that took my site and sense of time.

Master pinched and pulled my nipples while he was falling asleep.  I woke this morning when he pulled my lower body over the bed so my knees hit the floor. He oh-so-gently pushed his cock into my hole and fucked me for the longest time. I had several orgasms without cumming. Pre-cum spun like a spider's web to the floor. Master came, I felt the weight of his body as he trembled silently. He continued fucking me. He seemed as though he took a massive dose of Viagra because he remained hard for a very long time. He remained inside of me for as long as he was hard. He trembled as if he was being milked and couldn't stand it.

We've already packed for our trip. I decided not to bring any smoking paraphernalia. Master decided to do the same. We're making it a smoke free vacation.

We're staying in the city tonight because we have a very early flight to catch.

I'll do my best to keep up with you during my trip.

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  1. Well, enjoy the trip first and think about the writing second. I know you'll return here at some point.