Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Everyone is home

Everyone is home. Dinner is being served in a in the next hour. The dining table is set for the holidays. Pete made Chateau Briand and a Buche de Noel among other wonderful smelling goodies.
I surprised that he has made such rich foods since he is a healthy organic cook. He's the dietician so he knows what he is doing.

It is so good to have a family dinner for six that I can't even begin to express how grateful I am. Yeah, four of them are employees but we are family in every sense of the word.

Master came racing through the door late yesterday, grabbing me by the sleeve as he ran to the bathroom to relieve himself.
"Suck it all down slave and don't you dare miss a drop!  I've been holding this all afternoon for you." And so, things were already back to normal. I was on my knees serving him while he held my face fast to his groin. He ripped his belt open, pulled my jeans down and squirted a heavy dose of lube up my ass. He laid into while I settled on the floor, head touching the floor with my ass in the air.

Pete made us a light dinner and then we went out in the winter air for a walk.  He'd been sitting for over 30 hours so he was bonkers with unspent energy.

We watched TV for a bit. He sat in his favorite corner of the sofa while I laid with my head in his lap. We went to bed, he plugged his cock into my ass and fell asleep.

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  1. Sounds like your Master gave you a white Christmas! Glad he made it back home safely and all is well with you and your extended family.