Monday, November 25, 2013

Another slow but busy day

Master decided to stay in San Francisco another day or two.  He's having a great time showing his buddies around.  He warned me that they will be coming up for a good old American Thanksgiving so I better figure out how to roast a turkey.  I hope I can find a caterer.

I am alone with Christian today.  Butch and Dan look off for the mountains today.  I've cleaned up after all of my pets, curried them and fed them.  I milked the cows.  I don't see why I can't use the milking machine on myself except that we don't want cum in the milk.  I sell the milk to a woman who makes cheese with it.  Besides.  I've been locked in the Groethal for so many days that I've lost count. Not having Master around to pound my prostate is causing my balls to hurt a bit.

Christian holds a key for the belt but he's of the mind that slaves should never have the right to cum. I'm glad he's not my Master.

We went into down for dinner.  We sat at the bar to wait for a table.  I had a glass of Pinot Noire but wished I could have had a Gin and Tonic.  As it was, I barely tasted my wine before we were called to our table.  Christian ordered duck with some sort of pear sauce and baked pear.  I went rustic.  I had a green salad with pearrs and blue cheese and Cannellini beans cooked in olive oil, rosemary and shallot with shaved black truffle.  Talk about elevating the simple white kidney bean!

I went out to check the animals before turning in for the night. I smelled wood smoke and noticed a fire down the hill by the Eucalypti.  I dialed 911 and then rushed in the house to get Christian. We hopped into the ATV and rode down the hill toward the fire. We saw several people milling around the fire.  Christian drew his gun as we moved closer.  The fire Department and Sheriff's car came barreling across the field toward the fire just moments after we arrived on the scene. 

A bunch of drunks started the fire. They said they thought it was public land. The fire department put the fire out and the sheriff hauled the drunks to jail.  The whole incident was over with a half hour.
So much for a calm evening.

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  1. Just finished reading your entire blog from the first post in September to now. It feels very sincere and real, unlike so many M/s blogs that are basically just fantasies that never happened. i'm glad i found the blog, through Metalbondnyc, and sorry it's going to end on Dec. 1. When do you think your slave diary will be published? Do you already have a publisher? If not, please consider me when you're ready. See my publishing site at with respect and best wishes, Sir Brian's slave david stein,