Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hard Real Punishment

Up at 5: AM.  I took my coffee out on the deck to wait until it was time to take care of the animals.  I was already burning with energy, the strong coffee had me climbing the walls.  I was naked when I walked up to the crest of the mountain to wait for light to peak at the edge of the Eastern horizon. Christian came up the hill to fetch me, thinking that I was walking in my sleep again.  He stood with me to watch for the sun to show itself. I went back to the house to get dressed for work.  Master was already sitting at the edge of the bed stretching.

"Come here boy. On your knees, I need to piss and then I need to leave a deposit in your ass."
"Master, I haven't cleaned myself".
"A little ass dirt isn't going to hurt anything".
I got dressed with spunk dripping down my legs and went outside to work.  Full of shit - cleaning up shit.

I showered outside after working and walked in the house through the laundry room. Master was waiting in the bedroom for when I went to get dressed. He admonished me for running so far yesterday that I needed a ride back.  I knew the consequences for it.  He slide his belt out of his jeans and told me to lay on the bed with my leg and arms stretched out spread eagle.  He threw his belt on the bed next to me, then went into the closet to get the punishment strap.  He called Christian into the room.

He addressed Christian. "The slave has not been punished for a long time but he's made a grave error that was reckless, time consuming and dangerous to his self. I truly hate doing this but he's been warned and punished for running to far.  I have to bust him.  This is how it is done.  I called you in because you have my permission to punish him when I am not around to do it". I want you to know the protocol.  He will remain stretched out on his own and make no sound or we will double the punishment.  Tears leaked from my eyes, knowing how horrible punishment would be.

Master touched my butt with the strap and then pulled it back over his shoulder.  He sent it roaring through the air toward my shaking body. Ten rapid full armed strokes, a moment to catch his breath and then ten more, another moment of rest and then ten more strokes. He handed the strap to Christian and told him to finish. It was hard to believe but Christian had a way of making each smack sting even more that Master brute forced strokes.  Christian laid twenty rapid strokes on my butt, focusing at the fold between my butt and upper leg.  I lay, waiting for Master's direction.  "On your knees slave! Punishment done! You're a good slave, boy! Let's go have breakfast".  Tears ran from my eyes.  Master ignored them. There would be no more mention of the punishment.

The cook took exception to my punishment and walked out.  He told Butch that he quit because of the brutality that he heard as the sound from the strapping traveled thought the house. He said he wouldn't be a party to it.

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