Sunday, November 10, 2013

Permanently collared

Nothing happened, absolutely nothing.

We changed our cell phone providers to a family plan to cover everyone in the family. I get sweaty when these types of decisions.  Master took over, leaving me out of the process except for the color of the Otterbox that I wanted.  If you see a guy at some leather event with a gray and lime green Otterbox it just might be me.

We went Olive oil tasting once the phone deal was done.  That was much more fun and a break from the usual.

The most kinky thing about the day that a woman complimented me on my "Necklace".  Master locked a Talena collar (Mr. S Leather) around my neck that is permanent.  It has to be cut off to be removed. She asked me how I open it to put it on and take it off.  I told her there is no way to take it off.  He face turned red, she said "Oh" and moved away. Master smiled.

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