Sunday, November 3, 2013

Long term life in a cage.

I love small places like cages, locked boxes and trunks, small dark closets and everything else that's locked bondage.  It's weird that I sweat in a stall in a public restroom or in my water closet at home.  I keep the door when I'm on the toilet ajar or open because I feel claustrophobic.  We were at Whole Foods today when it was extremely crowded.  So crowded that all the carts were in use. People were cutting other people off, carts were banging together and the general atmosphere was a panicked sense of rudeness that made me feel anxiety that caused me to feel like bolting from the store.  I used the bathroom, because my cock is locked in a chastity belt, I always have to use a toilet rather that urinal.  I usually use the handicap stall because it is larger than regular stalls.  I was forced by urgency to use a small stall.  The anxiety that I already felt combined with being in a small space made me feel as if I was suffocating.  It was a good feeling suffocation like having Master put a plastic bag over my head or covering my mouth and pinching my nostril shut. It was a horrible feeling that felt like death.

I finished in the bathroom then rushed out of the nearest store exit.  I called Master using my cell phone to let him know where and why I was outside. I waited for him on a patch of grass in the middle of the parking lot. He left his cart and came out to rescue me from myself. He talked me back into the store and carefully watched me as we finished our shopping.

So, I wondered how I could be locked in small places and love it but feel anxiety in larger places like bathrooms and toilet stalls. Does anyone have a reason?

Next. I have had times, especially with Master when I am locked in small spaces. I've been caged for as long as two weeks.  I mentioned a time when I first met Master when he was using me as an "object". He locked me in a cage for over seven days without letting me out. My friend Metal wanted me to tell him about it.

Here goes; It was a caging, nothing else. Master, who was not my Master at the time ordered me to crawl into a "puppy" cage. It had a steel floor, heavy metal bars on the sides and top. It was placed in the center of the room over a drain in the floor. He locked the door with a massive lock and told me to enjoy my stay.  He said I would remain caged until he got tired of knowing I was locked in it.  He didn't give me a time line. He left me in a completely dark space.  The only light was a red beam that emanated from a far off corner that did nothing to light the room.

I felt excited and horny for a while.  I wasn't restrained so I had access to my genitals and ass. I stimulated myself and almost came but I feared repercussions for doing self stimulation without permission.  Excitement fell away as did the feeling of being horny.  I became bored with the passing of time. It was a mistake for me to think it would be a matter of hours before Master came to release me. I became more bored, to the point of feeling agitated. Then I decided to try to meditate. I climbed through my Chakra but could not reach the top.  I was blocked. I eventually fell asleep with no way of judging how long.  I eventually had to urinate.  I held it until it became urgent and started to call out to be allowed to uses the toilet. My pleas were never answered,  I eventually pissed, trying not to get in the cage.

Master eventually came.  He made his way through the room guided by the light that illuminated it from outside in the hallway. He slide a plastic try and a plastic fork through the slot at the bottom of the door and set a gallon of drinking water inside the cage.  I told my captor that I had to take a shit.  He replied "oh? ok". and left again, leaving me to try to eat in the pitch blackness of the room.  I eventually reached the point at which I could not keep my bowels from moving.  I yelled for release but it seemed no one heard me.  I relieved myself into the disposable plastic tray and pushed it out of the slot at the bottom of the door. It smelled and filled the space with it's overwhelming odor, making me feel nauseous.

Master came in to tend to me. He used a hose and cold water to shower me and wet the floor of the cage. He handed me a soapy sponge and told me to clean myself and the floor of the cage.  He rinsed me off with cold water then sprayed the soapy water down the drain.  He slid another tray of now cold food under the slot in the cage door and closed the door to the room, once more leaving me in the dark.

This treatment seemed endless.  My brain cried out for stimulation and sunlight. My body begged for exercise and food. I constantly felt hungry even though I was inactive. The monotony of nothingness and inability to move my body was driving me crazy but I still felt a weird sense of comfort that I can't explain or understand.

Finally, after days of isolation, Master came to release me. I could finally stand and feebly exercise.  I took a long hot sudsy shower and dried myself with a towel rather that air drying in a chilly room.  Master fed me a meal that I ate sitting in the sunlight that spilled across the kitchen floor. I cleaned the dishes and the went back to the room containing the cage to clean away the stench I left in the cage and the floor around and under it.. 

Master was not finished using me.

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