Tuesday, February 3, 2015


My slave, my boy, my husband, my love, got an email signed by a couple of his oldest friends from NYC.

"We can't wait until you get tired of that asshole "Master" of yours or he gets gets tired of you so you can get back to being the normal fun guy that you used to be".

FUCKERS! You are going to be waiting a long bloody fucking time so pull up a comfortable chair because you're going to waiting an eternity. Before I opened this email you were welcome anytime but I just rolled up the welcome mat where you're concerned.

Get the guts to use your real email instead of your alias.  Fucking cowards!


My boy is hobbled while we works. I just wanted to up his discomfort level. He slept in his cage with his hands cuffed behind his back after eating his dinner doggy style with the cuffs attached to the top of his cage.


  1. Thanks for the update. How is he mentally, OK ? This time of year is a pretty low time for some - although that's mainly our weather here (as you'd know) and I simply wondered if he's putting up with how life is right now or actually getting some pleasure. I can tell you're enjoying.

  2. Sadly there are always a lot off arseholes around that can't see the sun shining onto others, especially true for people one has only been good to, but I agree, drop them with haste, because they never was the friends You thought they were, as true friends will support the boy, even if they do not really understand his choice, and make a effort to try and understand, or learn more about the boy's chosen lifestyle.
    Enough of the ranting
    You and Your boy must have a great day, and I hope the winter won't be going on for to long over there, (not that I am looking forward for ours to start)

  3. Have to agree with the above. There are a lot of choices you make with your life but in the end they're your choices and true friends will support them. Sadly it makes you feel low to read that your friends are not as supportive as they might be. That's why I wondered how he felt to know this, of course that all depends on how "good" these friends were in the first place. I know he'll get supported at home tho.