Thursday, February 19, 2015

What Does My Story Tell

Going back to yesterday's post. What does my story have to do with the programs about manipulation?

The difference is, Ian and I are strong willed people. His control over me goes as far as I will consent. It may seem like a flip to say this but my control over him goes as far as he will consent. This is a mutual relationship of love, trust and shared mutual goals along with the confidence to follow one another and also allow independence without feeling threat.

Yes slave Tony, you are correct, in many ways, we are like opposites sides of coin.

I guess you can call it god if that is what you understand but we know little of the universe that we are made of, which leads me to believe the swirling energy that we are made of is the miracle and all things are possible. Sometimes we get to will some things by our intention. Sometime we expect some thing for nothing then get angry when we get nothing.

I have been reading articles about ISIS on MSNBC about why people get sucked into the cause. For most, they are disenfranchised, scared people who are looking for meaning in life. Islam is the excuse, not the reason. How have we and do we use religion as the excuse and call it the reason? Chairman Mao was exactly right in his belief that "Religion is Poison".

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head rather when you said you allow independence without feeling the threat. Close control is when you're unable to release your grip "in case". Letting go means trusting the other person totally.

    Everyone needs their own space at times, Mutual trust is the powerful bond that holds relationships together and allows for individual space for those within it.