Thursday, February 5, 2015


So, I'm out roaming free today except for the belt. It doesn't mean my ass is out of use. In fact, Master rarely plays with my ass just for pleasure but he decided he would try it today.

He strapped me down on the work table with my hole exposed at the edge of the table. I expected a marathon fuck.  Instead, he lined up a selection of butt toys and a squeeze bottle filled with coconut oil, his favorite new lube. It's slippery as hell and easy to clean up.

He started plying with my rim with one finger and gradually added another then switched to toys and plugs, electricity and vibrators and then his hand again. One finger, two fingers until his massive fist plunged deeply into my rectum. He played ever so gently with the next sphincter until his hand plunged into my filthy colon. I had in no way prepared myself for this activity. Master pulled his fist back to the rectum and played with my prostate gland, forcing me to cum.

He filled my gut with a warm, almost hot, sudsy enema and plugged me, watching me as my gut churned and convulsed. He laughed at my despair and massaged my abdomen with his hands then pulled the plug.

He rinsed my gut with a gentle stream of water with another short piece of hose alongside the water hose to allow water to run out.

He plugged my clean ass with his cock and filled my rectum with his cum,

During the whole process, I watched the sparkle in his eyes. He has grown a good inch of hair on his head, keeping the sides shaved. His thick black/brown beards now covers his cheeks and chin. Hair peaks out of the neck of his V-neck t-shirt.  He looks rugged and menacing.

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  1. Always liked some good "clean" fun.

    Not known coconut oil being used as lube before, if it's easy to clean up it makes sense to try it. Thanks for the tip.