Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Restrained in a Chair

I restrained my slave in a chair yesterday afternoon and left him there until midnight, my usual bed time. His ankles and wrists were chained form under the chair using:

His feet went from the front under the chair, his hands were cuffed, palms facing out, behind the chair. He was restrained in the chair with a locking Humane Restraint belt across his chest and waist.
I strapped a ball gag head harness on his head and locked it then wrapped his neck with a three to four inch, very stiff leather collar made by Humane Restraints for a toy company in Pennsylvania. I blindfolded him with blacked-out Army goggles.
He was bound in the Television area of the great room. I hung a pair of Japanese Clover clamps over the back of the chair and told the guys to use them to torture him throughout the afternoon and evening. His tits were well tortured.
I wore a pair of black Diesel briefs that he repeated came in during his session.
I released him and we took a shower together where he blew me and I fucked him then we went to bed.
This morning, before breakfast, I hauled the slaves sleepy ass out to the dungeon and strapped him down on the Australian Punishment Bench and beat his lovely round ass with a Tawse. His cries turned to screams. 
Being my slave, I can use him anyway I want, when I want, nothing needs to make sense for him and nothing needs explanation. I am going to take him on a wild ride.

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