Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Australian Punishment Bench and Other Comments

The Australian Punishment Bench is a "wild ride". I may be a Master and Very Dominant Top but you have to understand that I started as a bottom and slave to a red haired brute named Reggie. The best Masters start at the bottom because they understand the bottom and know what it feels like physically and emotionally. I've taken more rides on the Australian Punishment Bench than I can count.

First, the slave or bottom is bent at the waste, his arms stretch out in front of him and restrained. The weight of the bottom half of the body hangs, pulling and stretching the body. The ankles are tied to the side post to keep the bottom from kicking. A wide belt across the back holds the body in place and protects the organs like the kidneys. All the muscles of the body are stretched and thinned by the hanging weight of the body which causes an increase in pain while being strapped, caned or flogged.

To be honest, on my recent trip to London, Reggie gave me a go on his bench. I can't handle it like I used to.

Taking the boy's cell phone and internet away is not just an arbitrary power game for me. I you knew and lived with him, you would know why I do it from time to time.

The only time that he is still is when he is bound. His brain is like a top that can't stop spinning. Sometimes I see him teetering on the point and I have to slow him down. A good illustration of that is trying to sit through a movie at home. He fidgets almost constantly, plays with Luminosity  on his tablet or looks up places or things that he hears about while watching TV. I think he is ADD, the kind that can focus on many things at one time. Keeping up with his conversation is a challenge  sometimes because he thinks about many related and unrelated things at once. It's like trying to listen to a radio that has no tuner but there might be a constant station playing in the background.

I can tell when he is close to burnout. I have to shut him down. Cell phones fly in  when he is near the tipping point. It is his primary object of revenge.

Now, this very moment, he is sitting still on the west facing deck. He is meditating with Tommy, Sancho, Panza and Buddha surrounding him. I had to cover him with a blanket. Other than a sigh for relief from the cooling air, he hardly responded. It is like the flip side of a coin.


  1. That's absolutely true. The best tops I have ever been with have all been subs at one time or another. It's a bit like an apprenticeship, teaching you the finer points of the art.

    As for the phone and internet, thank you for the explanation. It puts all into perspective. I suppose it was the way you phrased it before that led me to think it was part of a power exchange or sort of mental bondage that you as Master had command of.
    Every verbal picture you paint of him shows him to need an anchor, luckily for him it's you. And thanks again for the blog.

  2. Yes, and I am so lucky to have his love and trust so that I can be his anchor.

    In his way, I think that everything, his close friends and family, his animals, his studio and the land he lives on are his anchor. I think a lot of "poor little rich boys" turn out to be spoiled egotistical snots, My boy is as humble as he is submissive.

    You are welcome Tony