Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another Day of Torment

This time, it is intense bondage and it's the slave's choice.

"Something really tight and extremely gagged so I can't indicate pain or pleasure. I want to feel abandoned. Something that will make me regret being bound by you." This is what he asked for. He never asks for anything in particular.

We were sitting out on the terrace around the pool near the fireplace while I enjoyed a cigar. Slave wore jeans and an old leather jacket. I cuffed his hands behind his back. I could see that he had something on his mind and I knew he was afraid to bring it up. I forced it out of him. He asked me to take him down to the punishment room. When I asked why, he said it wasn't for a real punishment but be wanted to be punished just because.

I refused and took him to the dungeon instead. I stretched him out belly down on the work table and beat his ass until he cried.
"Thank you MASTER!"

I laced him into his pin-prick leather corset. I called Chris in to steady him while I pulled the laced and locked the straps. I laced him into his pin-prick jock and then had him climb into the pin-prick body bag. Chris and I laced his pin-prick hood over his head then wound layers of PVC bondage tape over his mouth. We laced him into the body bag, pulling the laces as tight as we could get them the zip the flap over the lacings and locked it. We buckled the wide straps around him then laid him on the work table. We strapped him down on the table and then made a ruckus about leaving although I sat in the leather recliner monitoring him very closely.

Chris came in to the dungeon to give me a break. The slave lets out a whimper and moan now and then but he is handling his torture well. He's been in wraps for a little over three hours. How long he remains is up to him. I'll be able to tell when to let him out by intuition.

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  1. It's well to keep the punishment and the dungeon separate isn't it. Torture and punishment are way different.
    I imagine that whatever ruckus you made about leaving his intuition would come into play, as strongly as yours will when you release him, to know that you're not actually far away. There's that total trust we were only discussing a couple of posts back. Awesome.