Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Slaves Have No Choice

I was on the Internet this morning perusing Tumblr. I saw a posting, a split image. One side was a picture of a guy having his hair done at a barber and the other image was of a guy with a shaved head and a stack of wide steel collars around his neck. The caption read "Master have choice, they have hair. Slaves have no choice, they have shaved heads". I had two issues with that posting. Masters can make choices and slaves actually make a bigger choice. We choose to put various portions of our lives in another's hands, at least in the context of our lifestyle. The situation is never as black and white as we fantasize about and decisions are made every moment of our lives.

Let me talk about hair first, I have none but a stray hair on my entire body. It was a choice. When Master fist took his time and effort to remove my hair, I still had a choice even though it appeared that I had none. Had I really wanted to keep my hair, he would have respected my decision. When he said he was going to remove all of my hair, My choice was "YES MASTER!". I submitted to his decision. I SUBMITTED TO HIM.

My head was nearly shaved anyway. I shaved it once a week because I was studying Buddhism and for me it was an expression of humility (in general) and to my perception of god (everything that we know and don't know). Humility is the key word for me. Oddly enough, It brings me pride to submit to Master and walk by his side expressing my humility as his procession. In a way, being humble is freedom in itself.

Master has also chosen to shave his head or keep it very closely cropped and he keeps his body shaved because it was a lifestyle choice from his youth as a Skinhead and also because he was a slave to Reggie, who is mentioned in this blog. He tried growing hair for a couple months but didn't like the way he looked so it all came off again. Some Masters have no hair and do so because it is a matter of choice.

A matter of choice: I learned early on in my relationship with Master that I wanted to submit to him even though I did not know him well enough to make an intelligent choice. I got myself chained and tormented in the attic of his New York Brownstone for thirty days. I made the choice because I was bored and afraid of life. He offered excitement and a bit of the unknown. I was intoxicated by him within the first days of being his "object". He left with giving and explanation and then came back to find me months later, just as I was giving up on ever seeing him again. I had just made the choice to forgive and forget when he came to my door to claim me.

I fought with myself over my choices. Did I trust him not to run off again without telling me where or why he was going. I had just moved to the Ranch and hired Butch to teach me how to run it. Did I want to give that dream up? And, when he said he wanted to own me and make me his slave, I wondered if I had grown past that. Clearly, I made my choices just as he made his. If we are not making choices constantly, there is something very wrong in the relationship.

It can be as simple as choosing to be tied up instead of working in my studio the other day. I had made two choices. The first was to open my studio to him to play in. My studio has always been my sanctuary. Second, I decided to play instead of work. My choice and focus was to make him happy.

In our lifestyle, if you are not making choices, there is something that you need to evaluate.

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  1. An interesting post. Quite thought provoking actually. On the surface one would imagine that a slave Master relationship negated any choice on the slave's part. In the accepted, traditional, role a slave would have no choice. But when you consider it as a life choice, life style perhaps, then it's obvious that choice plays a major part.
    Actually choice has a major part to play in any relationship don't you think? We choose to make someone else happy or miserable by our actions and moods. It's very difficult not to be self centred at all, something we learn gradually growing into and with another whom we feel strongly about.

    It feels as if you are making a point here. It's something you feel strongly about, no? And I do agree with your final point. If you are not making choices in your kind of relationship there's something fundamentally wrong with it. All relationships need to be proactive, choices make that happen.