Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Had a Dream

I had a dream this morning before I woke up. I don't know why but I dreamed that I was not able to walk on my own because I was held down by some sort of unseen hidden weight. I was in a neighborhood near downtown in the city where I grew up. I was standing on a hill were people were standing, waiting for something to begin. It was warm and raining. Snow was melting on rooftops and sliding down into water that was accumulating, flooding the streets. Jets blew by overhead, ripping the air with their wings. I got up the ground and started climbing over people. I met some of my old buddies, the beautiful young athletic boys from my high school. I invited them to visit my house. I told them that I had many empty rooms for them to stay in. Fireworks exploded in the afternoon sky. My old friends asked me when I started to walk. I woke up feeling my body ache from my shoulders to my feet.

The entire dream had a sound track. It was Toni Child singing You are Beautiful. Open the link to watch her perform the song. The video has a lot of talk about empowering women but the conversation can hold true for us men, (even the big burly tough guys). The first five minutes or so is talk.

It is my message to you given in the song of Toni Childs.

Tony had a few questions:

The Apadravia is just there now. It stings a little when I piss and there blood sometimes. The pain when having the needle pushed through the head of my cock was intense in and electric orgasmic way. I have a 8ga. barbell in it, which is large for a new piercing but it will eventually have a padlock through it and I didn't want to shorten the stretching process. It honestly aches a bit but it is healing properly.

The punishment for my behavior with Ray yesterday was not for bantering and talking back to him in play. Master and I are not saints of any sort. We use cuss words from time to time but not in the way he heard me cuss yesterday. He said that I sounded like an "uneducated gutter rat". Master said he was embarrassed for me and for himself when he heard me.

The punishment was having to kneel on the tile floor in front of him while he talked to me about why he was upset with me. It wasn't too much more than what I am expected to do these days when I enter a room that he is in. He has been expecting me to kneel since we watched a Korean movie in which everyone showed respect by kneeling. The higher ranking person sat on a cushier cushion while the lower rank person kneeled on a small pillow.

The concept clicked for both of us at the same time while watching the movie. Butch and Daniel are also adopting the concept.

Master told me that he will no longer need to travel for business. He has resigned from the board of the company that he sat on and divested himself of all interest in it. It makes me happy to see him free himself from that bitter position. He'll be home more and our travel will be for pleasure.

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  1. Glad you're healing well. It certainly does sound like a large piercing. When I mentioned the tears were probably not of pain I meant I thought they might be tears of joy/relief having Ian back so soon. Nothing else.

    The punishment sounded just right, I suppose you don't need to cuss and swear that much even in a scene although I know I'm guilty of it. Not always easy.

    Got your link playing as I write. Honestly I haven't heard her before, obviously missing out. I understand where you're coming from in the lyrics especially the last 30 seconds or so.

    There's a Richard Diebenkorn exhbition at the RA at the moment. Great works, saw him in the Phililps I think last year. How is your work going at the moment? I'm doing a backcloth for a small theatre company at present. Not what I intended when I offered "a bit" of help.

    Hope the animals were as happy to see you as I expect you were to see them.