Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ripping My Hair Out!

Fuck this shitty company.
I am an even tempered guy but these idiots broke the final straw this morning. I pushed my chair away from the table and almost threw it at the CEO (PH - SH for piss head and his shit heads). This doesn't belong here but I am going to write at expose' and send it to the papers.  I walked out of the room and divested myself of my investment before the elevator brought me to the ground floor.

I went shopping and bought my boy a gift to celebrate my exit from the British economy. I'm waiting for my flight home to where people are more forthright.

A report from Ray: My slave, my boy and husband had a day off  and worked outside today, cleaning up a few things in Ray's garden. Ray put him in a diaper thing that is shaped like a cod piece. This will keep the drops of blood contained and keep his hands away from his penis so it can heal. Ray locked the Carrara without the tube over the diaper. The boy is like a 13 year old who just discovered that he can do more with his cock than just piss.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not sure they wait till they're 13 any more :)
    I hope Trace is healing as well as expected. I suppose the blood drips are what was envisaged, it must be quite a puncture.

    The British economy - well it's supposed to be recovering. It's a pity those in charge of some of it are as you find them. Shysters both sides of the pond I think. Have a good flight.