Thursday, March 5, 2015

Morning Cums

Master woke me in the earliest of morning hours. He had straddled my chest and was pushing his cock into through my gnarly un-brushed teeth. He fucked my throat for a while then changed position, pulling my body toward the head of the bed so that my head hung face up over the edge. He came then Reggie worked his cock into my throat then fucked until he came. When it was over, they unlocked the chain from my ankle and Master took me upstairs to his bed. Reggie laid down on the mattress in my empty cell with the door open.

Master coiled his body around mine and entered me from behind. We fell asleep that way.

Master woke up with me and came out to the barn to help me with my work.  We shoveled out the animal droppings then let them all out into the corral and pasture when the sun peaked in the eastern sky. We finished cleaning then fed the animals and played with them a bit. Master went inside while I started brushing out the dogs and came back out with cups of coffee that sipped while sitting on a fence rail.

Master talked about his evening with Reggie. My thought was that they played and didn't want us slaves around to see it. As the conversation flowed, Reggie is moving to the States and wants to set up shop in the Napa of Sonoma valley. His reason is that he wants to get away from the gloominess and crowds of London. "So, I suppose he is setting up here, at least for a while?", I asked. "If we both agree. I thought I would give him an invitation" Master responded. I suggested that we ask him while we're together but asked how Steve played into all this. I wasn't so sure about that. The fact was that Reggie didn't know either.

We went in for breakfast.

After breakfast, I got up and headed outside to work again. I had just begun to brush the dogs and had plans to spend the entire day pampering the rest of the herds. Steve came out a bit later. I never count time when I am surrounded by all the fur because I lose myself in it. Steve watched from the fence and tried to start a conversation but I think he is afraid of me. He mentioned that he was dying for a cigarette. "Steve, that means you're probably dying from cigarettes. The only place you can smoke cigarettes here is way down the mountain on the other side of the gate and don't leave any butts down there". I asked him if he would learn a little bit about the animals instead and offered him a curry.

The big boy Lama came bounding across the corral to check Steve out. The dogs watched the interaction. Steve was terrified.


  1. It's none of my business but I get the feeling it isn't going to work that well with Steve. I hope it does - if that's what Reggie wants - but my gut instinct is not optimistic.

    Reggie is part of the family, you've both said so many times, so I imagine that being there for awhile won't alter the routines and patterns of your lives. You're both very generous too, am I stupid to think sometimes too much so?

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